Day 1 of me asking the Devs to PLEASE undo the Inna nerf. So many players have put a lot of time into the Monk/Inna set, all for nothing. This nerf is HUGE. I’m legit depressed because as a casual player that only plays D3, I feel like there’s no other chill build with as much diversity as the Inna’s set was…I don’t want to play any other class, like at all. #3000 #SaveInna #RestoreInna

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#NoThanks. #Warranted. #GetRealBalance.

Every class needs a massive beatdown every other season. That is the developmental definition of “balance:” make one class and style uber and then destroy it later to make something else uber.

It’s not like it was smashing 150’s at paragon 1k. Sure after 5k paragons and fully augmented 150 gear with 150 gems. But it WAS balanced. Everything thing else just needs a buff and to be left alone. Let the player base decide what they want to play. Why take something fun away that everyone is enjoying? Builds shouldn’t get nerfed because they’re pushing a seasonal theme on us…even though WoL is the strongest build, I don’t enjoying gearing up for it at all…it take forever plus it’s also clunky to play. Inna’s had great crowd control whereas WoL has none…Inna’s is more friendly to the disabled gamer like myself too.

I agree, this nerf is catastrophic. I logged on a couple days ago and tried to run GR100. The build felt incredibly slow, sluggish, and underwhelming - and that is with several primals and all items augmented, 120+ gems, etc.

Not cool at all. It has the survivability needed, but the damage output is abysmal.

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I am a proponent of both nerfs and buffs to achieve balance. The extent of the inna nerf seemed to severe.

Surgery is performed best with a scalpel and not a sledge hammer.

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Inna/Uliana for next meta.