[Resolved] Can’t use Hope of Cain on follower items

The Hope of Cain recipe in Kanai’s Cube requires a “Rare Equippable Level 70 Item x1”. Since players cannot equip follower items, they cannot be upgraded on the console version. By contrast, it is possible on the PC version because you can place any item into the Cube.

There is no such thing as a follower item. The game just tries to tell you that you must use a LEVEL 70 rare item for the recipe.

Follower tokens are equippable by followers and therefore can be placed into the Cube and augmented, reforged, or upgraded. But, they must be level 70 versions. If the item has “level required reduced” then it is no longer level 70 - you could use Myriam to enchant that off and then use the Cube.

I’ve upgraded numerous ‘follower items’ on console to get the one that prevents them from dying so saying it cannot be done means you’re not doing it right.

So, what are these…

Thank you, that was my oversight. I’ve been on T16 for several days and never considered that I was still using an old follower item from season start, so I completely overlooked its level.

Closing as PEBKAC.

Yes, sorry except for these 9 follower tokens.