Rerolling same item with Angelic Crucibles

I seem to be having extremely bad RNG or there is a bug. I applied my first AC to my CoE ring which rolled the Arcane Orb power for my wiz. I am geared for both Tals Meteor and Firebird Magic Missile builds, so I can use two of the three possible powers.

I have since dropped and used four more ACs on the same ring and rolled the same power every time. I haven’t taken any screenshots but I am pretty sure the stats on the ring are not rerolling either. It seems like my seasonal theme item is just being consumed without any effect. It is extremely frustrating playing for hours and using it for absolutely no effect at all.

Anyone else seeing an issue like this or is it a bug on my character?

Can’t say I have…I was really, really lucky getting what I needed…Wiz Firebird Set on Wand for Majic Missile fist try…

but over in general Forum I saw a topic on this…players saying they’ve rolled countless times, like a lot and still not getting what they wanted. It’s not like two powers you don’t want have a 40% chance while the one you do want has 20%…it’s basically a 1 in 3 chance. But some over there said they spent a lot of the AC’s and kept getting one of the other two…

this is one of the best season theme ever. I will miss these powers after this season ends unless they keep them.

ultimately, this is the beginning of the end for dear old D3 (for me anyway), after this season we may have 2 more seasons before D4 is release. At that point I will retire D3 and my PS4 for good and focus on D4 and my PS5.

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I think it’s not just the “theme” itself because that’s just crucibles, which are just another “consumable”. Would I be excited about a consumable that adds sockets to rings/amulets? Sure, but if that’s all we get, that’s pretty slim. Having guaranteed primal is nice, but so what? I’ll have 10-13 of them in a month anyway.

What crucibles did was to shake up the meta. Para farming meta, group meta, solo meta, bounty meta, etc. I started with a Barb, then geared up FB, then realized I needed Tal and now I’m thinking I need Impale for speeds. Last season I started with Wizard…and that’s all I needed for everything. Boring.

I really hope Devs would recognize the pattern and stick to this formula. Shake up the meta, every season. Make WD a speed farming beast or Wizard best support class for a season or bring RGK that needs 7 AS rolls to 1-shot 150 guardian. They keep changing things up and D3 will see another 20 seasons…

Doubtful they will keep them, if they do I would like to see ethereals make a come back but no sign of them and d4 is right around the corner so I doubt will see any major changes after that.

Already said they are Season Only and at end be gone along with items used for them…just play and enjoy while you can…I’m not concerned about leader Boards as much as just playing as many characters to experience it…

You should not use them on the same item, get a duplicate item, it’s a full reroll anyway, and to salvage is very worthwhile, it can even reward an echo.

Angelics are supposed to roll max stats…but I had to roll my pair of pants on a build, 47 times before it FINALLY gave me the double socket…So no, angelics roll no better than the lady who does it for you…

I think you’re confusing “max stats” with “best in slot”. Nobody said crucibles will give you cold/crit/crit/socket on an amulet. You are guaranteed to get “max stats” and that’s what you’re getting when you get (example) 1000 Int, 18% Life, 10k Life per second, 24k Life per hit and NO socket.
Sanctified items are not “primals” either. Primals have guaranteed "socket’ rolls on some items or other guaranteed stats. Sanctified items do not guarantee any rolls, except that whatever you get will be max value.