Repost - List of Bugs After Maintenance 9/10 and 9/28

Completed a 126 rift today inside timer. Twice. Solo…no achievement, Leader board level shows 125. I guess pushing is broke? Others have reported it in general chat when i brought it up.

319045 error in EU. I can’t enter in clan chat or see clan member! BLIZ help

When setting user status to “Busy”, It causes the game to bug out and lock you into the “busy” status not allowing myself or anyone on the friends list to send invites. :frowning:

And still the problems are there, more than a month now. All started when COD joined the Diablo servers. Can you guys fix this or is it going to stay like this???

and there’s a problem with recovery time.
krimpson set, paragon, diamonds in the helmet = 42.5%
and I have a set of crimpsons, paragons, brilliants in a helmet, and 5% in shoulders = 40.14%

"Start Game" button disabled heres many MANY people about 30+ now who cant get into rift or gr solo or pub cu start button is greyed out and says they aren’t party leader whn they are not in a party. not only this post but ive found 4 others of 2-3 and 3-4 people who are not able to play now for 7 days since update. BUG BUG bug…

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Start Game Greyed Out - Unable to join game, only available to party leader here are alooot of us who cant play PTR or season 18 no rifts no gr solo or public…start button greyed out says u are not party leader when not in group. with it greyed out it is preventing us fro entering any rift. now we are all locked out fro regular gaes in live AND ptr. PLEASE HELP.

I did testing for the “fail to invite” “HC Season looks like NS SC” bug

Testing on same networked pc did not reproduce these bugs.
(In the evening October 23)
I tried inviting 3 people over and leaving game for 30 minutes and all was well.
i.e. at all times all accounts appeared to each other as “HC Season” and were able to join and leave no issues.

But when I do bounties 1-5 and invite ppl from my clan and friends list that are all over America I get one working chance…
i.e. the first one, I am able to invite anyone and every one totaling 3 others.

But after they leave my game, and I finish another set of bounties 1 - 5 I may appear as NS SC (although I’m HC Season) and cannot invite anyone else.

The reason you can’t reproduce these bugs is because you have to do it with people outside your home network.

That is where your bug is.

You may contact me to do further testing!
I want this bug fixed as bad as you do guys.

So contact me and I’ll sit at home and join and leave games so you Blizzard guys can get this fixed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sometimes when playing in my HC Season clan, after one party join that works, then next attempt to join does not work at first.

by logging out and logging back in my account I suddenly am able to be invited to group.

Also when two are in party that others cannot join, passing party leader has worked once, but will not work for next iteration of another party.

after this join and eventual leave I can try many things, but no matter what I cannot join that game until that account log’s out and log’s back in to start fresh.

The issue is always started with me or the other appearing to be what they are not.

i.e. HC in season appears to be NS SC

This is the problem.

Once the flag is wrong, the party join does not work.

After a while even logging out and logging back in does not work.
Even turning off the computer and booting back up does not work some times.

I got this error message when I was testing on my home network with no problems in general able to join and leave over and over and all appear what they are HC Season.
SS here:

I just clicked the error message and was able to enter game.
It is clear that the code for this action is looping over and over.
The D3 code is not cooperating with the Battlenet infrastructure code.

October 24 12 noon,

Now one bounty run, bringing another account in on same home network once is fine, but it doesn’t work the second time.

After both leave party and game, the bounty account appears to be NS SC.

There is no rule for how an account loses it’s true ‘flag’.

Meaning a HC Season hero cannot keep appearing to be so in clan/friend list.

This is what is causing the “unable to join another game”

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1 week and no updates? :slight_smile:

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Can you guys please fix this crap with the season and non season bug, its been going on now for more than a month and you guys are doing nothing about this. As it looks now you guys dont give a damn about the game, you dont even give feedback in regards to this problem. And its not the only one there is but at this moment its the most annoying one. If the hero switch doesnt work then you have to restart the game a couple of times and hope you get into the group. Please Blizzard wake up and fix this, if this happened in WOW it would have been fixed in an hour.


Still going on after yet another maintenance patch:
Season players listed as Non-Season. Unable to invite or send Invites.

Can’t start games when partied in menus, and party members are invisible in menus.

Players occupying an in game slot after going offline. Unable to Invite another player to that slot because…
… After current party members are all offline previous Invites to them are still active.

Party members can’t rejoin a game with a different character.

I have screenshots, but this forum won’t let me post links. Why?

Come on, Blizzard. You can do better than this.

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@Perusoe: Thanks.
Here are the issues with links to screenshots:

Season players listed as Non-Season. Unable to invite or send Invites.

Can’t start games when partied in menus, and party members are invisible in menus.

Players occupying an in game slot after going offline. Unable to Invite another player to that slot because…

… After current party members are all offline previous Invites to them are still active.

Party members can’t rejoin a game with a different character.

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I compiled my own list of bugs related to social features. Since this thread seems to be monitored by blizzard people, I will repost here:

New Bugs from the September maintenances:

  1. In a party menu, other players’ characters and portraits sometimes do not show up.
  2. Often times, friends list shows players playing level 0 “unknown” character.
  3. Sometimes, players with “quick join” enabled do not appear on the quick join list on the bottom right of the main screen, even though both players are online and in the same gamemode.
  4. On the friends list, sometimes players who are playing seasonal characters don’t have the season icon displayed. They show up just like nonseason friends with the diablo icon instead of the green leaf. This is not uniform. Some of my friends have the season icon. Some don’t (even though they’re playing season).
  5. If you appear offline and try to send a private message in game, you will get a notification saying “This will change your status to online. Send message?” Clicking yes no longer changes your status to online. The message will still be sent, but you will continue to appear offline. The only way right now is to manually change the status in the Blizzard launcher.
  6. Sometimes, you cannot invite a friend to your party by right clicking on their name in chat (the option is either not displayed at all or greyed out), even though you are both online and in the same gamemode. Hovering over the greyed out option doesn’t tell you why you cannot invite them. When this happens, you can still invite them by clicking on the invite button on the friends list.
  7. When a player leaves your party, their invite occasionally still shows up as pending (i.e., their portrait still remains in the top left corner, with the pending animation).

Long Standing Bugs:

  1. If a player is invited to a game in which the party leader is not their friend, they often get stuck for a long time or end up in the party menu and have to manually click “resume game” to enter the game.
  2. When you invite someone to your party, sometimes you will get a message in chat saying “this player cannot join the party because they are not eligible for the current content”, even though they clearly are. They usually get stuck for a while and eventually are able to get in.
  3. When a friend is in GR 150, it doesn’t show up in friends list. It will only say "Greater Rift Tier - "

Original post:

And still no reply from a blue? Looks like its not going to be fixed this season, lets hope next season its going to be good again. At the trend they are fixing the bugs now it looks like D4 is our only hope.

Forum mod edit: As stated above, as soon as updates become available they will be shared by us. Ty for your continued patience.

I’m still having issues with the players showing up as lvl 0, and not being able to see their characters

Playing with a friend doing rifts and grifts.

Suddenly my friend in game every 30 seconds or so receives an invite to my game.

We are both in the same game and have been for an hour.

This invite to join game keeps coming to him until he and leave game, log out and turn off our computer.


When someone leave a party their icon is still there on top left and no matter how many times I click the little ‘x’ his icon is still there.

Hours later that icon is still their even though my friend told me via phone he turned off his computer.

Blizzard bug or Q & A people can contact me by email.

I will help you to see all of these hundreds of bugs your company created with the Bnet Services mini patch a while back.

I am not on your network at Blizzard HQ.


I am the one that can replicate all the bugs.

Contact me and we can talk on your created Discord channel.
I will work with you doing what ever you say and want me to do in creating these replicated bugs.

Let’s get this done before S19 start please!

This happened to me tonight and nothing has worked.
I was invited by a friend and clan member during a challenge rift and left the invite run out. Afterward (and maybe before? I didn’t notice) my clan and friends list are mostly saying “unknown” instead of their class.

People appear as non-season in clan members list, but seasonal in chat window, except about 2-3 players. :tired_face: