Renaming Cursed Tristram Archer/Warrior


Would it be possible to rename Cursed Tristram Archers and Warriors found in the Caverns of Luray into Cursed Khanduran Archers and Warriors (or whatever proper adjective)?
It is very surprising to see those names in Westmarch, as there is no reason to imagine that the soldiers of Khanduras that attacked it came specifically from Tristram, rather than any other part of the kingdom. Tristram was far from being a huge city, after all.
I understand that people will make the link more easily to Tristram than to Khanduras, but it is really striking me as absurd to have “Tristram” soldiers there.

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I agree, although it is crazy to find them there, the invaders should not be as crazy as their king, if you are going to invade Westmarch try to loot Duncraig and then Kingsport to maritime blockade the kingdom from Skovos, outnumbered, your only card was an assault by sea.