Remove Challenge Rift Cache from altar

is annoing start the season without use Challenge Rift Cache or need to wait monday for full unlock altar.
Remove the request of Challenge Rift Cache from altar please

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You have double kill-streaks and soon after no level req.
With this, leveling is a breeze even without a cache.

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No, I love the new leveling without. It’s insanely fast to level with the double massacre time.

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It provides a choice. Especially with the Visions and Altar, you’re not at a significant disadvantage unless you’re attempting to go for the Conquest Leaderboard.

Granted, this is the PTR, but still:

Diablo 3: Season 30 PTR Necro No Cache 1-70 in under 42 minutes - YouTube

42 minutes to go from 1-70 without the use of the Challenge Cache. Remove the PTR buff, probably 75 minutes. Even 75 minutes 1-70 with the Challenge Cache is incredibly quick.

Either remove or maybe put it after the (exp. del.) Staff of Herding? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Or maybe substitute all 5 acts of T16 bounty caches for the Challenge Rift cache?

Visions remaining in the game makes the challenge rift almost irrelevant.

The only thing you will lack at the begining is gold to upgrade your smith and craft but guess what there is a solution to that too: Soul Shards.

Assuming they fix the aquisition and you can get them easily from bosses once more, salvaging a soul shard at low levels would yield gems that you could use for the altar steppes or straight up sell since they sell for a lot.

So to sum it all up, if you level up doing visions and bounties you will have all the mats you need before you hit lvl 70 and 3 or more nodes unlocked on the altar (you couldnt unlock the GR key node before 70 in S28, now you can) without touching the challenge rift cache.

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While bulding up the altar at beginning of the season give us something to aim for, some of the current ‘sacrifices’ are too dependent on the RNG (especially the materials needed to craft the Staff of Herding). If you are lucky, you can get it in a few runs, but it might take long hours of grinding just to get the Gibbering Gemstone otherwise.

With the nerfs to the altar’s buffs, I feel the acquisition priorities will be shuffled: the buffs became so inconsequential that, other than unlocking double primals, we can go through the season happily with just the QoL improvements.

Personally, I would like to get my money’s worth from the altar, but at the moment we are getting less for the same price. I can understand the nerfs to the altar are necessary to avoid balance issues in the future or rising the overall power level of the players’ base, but Blizzard should at least make the time invested and the cost of each sacrifice fair.

If you’re going to request something, make it really worth it, like removing the Staff of Herding. I can deal with the Challenge Rift Cache, as with S30 you can save it for later. You don’t need it for leveling.