Relentless Assault vs Unity passives

Looking at monk passives when playing Inna’s

Maxroll and other guides recommend Relentless Assault for 20% increased damage to frozen/blind/stunned enemies.

The Unity passive is 5% increased damage per ally capping at 20% and each ally also gains 5%. Inna’s mystic allies easily reach 20%.

So what am I missing? It seems Unity would give me 20% damage plus a 5% extra bump all the time, while Relentless Assault has a CC condition for its 20%, so we will never receive it on enemies that are CC immune. What makes Relentless Assault the better choice?

I may be wrong, but Mystic Allies do not gain benefit from your Mantras, but other players do. So, in a group game of 4 players, it might be better…

Unity is additive. Relentless Assault is multiplicative. The Inna’s build already has quite high additive damage (Fire Ally passive effect from Inna6 doubled by Crudest Boots + Mantra of Conviction passive effect from Inna4, both doubled by Inna 2p). The additive damage dilutes the value of Unity as it is also additive damage. So Unity is worth quite a bit less than 20%.

Relentless Assault being multiplicative gives you a full 20% damage increase. Although as you correctly point out, it doesn’t have 100% uptime. In speed runs with Water Ally, where you’ll be killing stuff fast enough that you’ll always have Relentless Assault active (because you kill stuff faster then it hits CC immunity), it will definitely win out.

For slower solo content, it’s a little more debatable. But I think the idea is that you time your CC to match with your CoE cycle (I don’t really know if that’s how it’s played at a high level though as I haven’t pushed Inna’s, so a more experienced monk may be able to fill you in on that).


Thanks TinneOnnMuin for the excellent breakdown.

a1 explanation. my only question is whether youre tryin to solo push or not. because im not really, i started season late and after 2 primal poj pieces i just been runnin 90s like a madman on way too much red bull. jw because as tinne mentioned, there’s so many additive and multiplicative factors in inna build to take into consideration. so, if youre tryin to speed farm grs, or whatever, my honest opinion (and what i did) was dropped coe and compass/travs for focus, restraint, squirts. i was barely taking advantage of compass/travs because im speeding and everything melts making the bonuses useless) as for coe, well, the only other option i saw that would benefit (and then some) was foc/restraint … not to mention i frickin hate coe.
BUT, if you wanna push, and aren’t mechanically lazy like me and are fine with mechanics surrounding coe’s full potential, then ya.
2 cents but kudos again tinne on explanation

Replacing unity with relentless assault drops my sheet damage from 4.2M to 3.7M. Seemed like it was better to me. Are you saying that in reality, when Relentless Assault procs, my damage will be higher than the 4.2M I see on the sheet? That sheet damage can really be misleading it seems.

Correct. Multiplicative bonuses don’t get shown in your sheet stats. Don’t rely on the sheet.

If you really want to know the numbers, I’d recommend importing your build into d3planner and checking out the difference there. That will give you a much better picture.