Reforge Primal Ancient Legendary items


Primal Ancient Legendary items drop rate 1/400 understand that but very likely can not use on build due to want to use stats exceptional drops.

My suggestion to Kanai’s Cube add Reforge Primal Ancient Legendary items option for reforge.

Requested materials can arrange for per try;
Bounties x 25 (each)
Forgetten soul 250 and i think nobody’s objection this spending amount.

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I strongly agree, Primals is so rare, and it would be a good option to have to reforge for better stats. Even if it takes a lot of materials, I’m sure people would grind Hours for materials for a chance.

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This cheapens the thrill of finding new primal items. All one needs to do is find a first one, of the item desired, and they can guarantee eventually making it perfect, or improving it. They never need to find another.

That’s why I suggest making them slightly easier to drop, not making them a recipe.

I think opposite. I give to you an example;
Amulet The Flavor of Time i want to use this stats;
1000 Strength

  • 100 % Critical hit damage
  • 10 % Critical hit chance
  • 8 % Cooldown

If dropped;
1000 Vitality
130 Resist all
7 % Attack speed

  • 12 % Movement speed

So, HOW to do “Making it perfect, or improving it?” We have only 1 hit at Artisian.
Even drop rate can incrase if you think “This cheapens the thrill of finding new primal items”

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Obviously, using your proposal, you’d reroll the entire item, reforging it until you got something that only had one flaw. It might take you 65848723465763475674365874365327481932746392431254 times but you will eventually get a better one that you like.

Making you hunt for one like that does not decrease the thrill in getting a new one.

In short, your method is just a shopping list that you fill. It is not a “what the heck did I just get?”