Reforge Legendary Item a complete waste of time

I got back into playing recently and hit lvl 70 a while ago after beating act V. I had a lvl ~48 or so version of winter flurry and wanted to get the lvl 70 version cause I made an ice-spell based wizard and like playing as Sub Zero. I grinded out the two bounty-tours and a bunch of nephelim rifts over several days spare-time to finally get all the ingredients for the cube recipe and then when I finally got to do it… it DOWNGRADED the legendary item. Now it’s lvl 45 and the proc chance went from 17% to 15%. My reward for all of that was that it ruined my item and ate through hours of grinding for resources. This was a complete waste of my time, thanks a lot. WHY WOULD YOU MAKE SOMETHING THIS EXPENSIVE STILL BE RANDOM.

You should never reforge items which are less than level 70, as the result will remain an item below 70… Once you reach level 70 these items are basically useless, except to be transmuted in the cube for their powers. You should only reforge items which are level 70.

PS: If you want some help to stuff your character and get some paragons, just let me know, we can meet in game


Thanks for replying! I’m confused: why would I reforge an item that is already lvl 70? I thought the whole point was to get your favorite legendary up to your level so its useble again, which would have explained the exorbitant cost. Just re-rolling stats at the same level is not even close to being worth the effort or time, unless I’m missing some fundamental advantage to this.

You reforge items either to improve their statistics, or to obtain Ancient (or even Primal) items, much more powerful but more rare than regular items: 1 out of about 10 items is Ancient, 1 out of about 400 items is Primal.

1 in 10? Wow. I’m out.
Really appreciate the info though, thank you!!

No problem. Just for the record, to get Ancients or Primals it is not mandatory to make reforges. You can just play the game in rifts and greater rifts, or just farming bounties, or gamble shards at Kadala, and you will eventually get some within all the items that fall. Note that to unlock the possibility to get Primal items (which are basically Ancient items with perfect stats), you will first need to run a Greater Rift level 70 successfully.