Redesign Natalya-Set for Elemental Arrow


The Demon Hunter has been one of my favorite classes for a very long time.
However, I’ve been missing a bulid in which to play with Elemental Arrow effectively for at least as long.
Bow (Kridershot) and quiver (Augustine’s Panacea) already exist, it’s just that there is no set that is really designed for this skill. Ok, a combination with Unhallowed Essence and Embodiment of the Maraudeur is possible, but the damage just isn’t enough to keep up with Multishot or Cluster Arrow.

Therefore, I would like to see “Natalya’s Vengeance” reworked and the Elemental Arrow play an elemental role in this set. Strafe is already played with the Gears of Dreadlands set, which makes the Natalya’s set stand out with only Rain of Vengeance. I think a combination of Rain of Vengeance and Elemental Arrow is an interesting and funny way to play.
Therefore, my request to Blizzard’s Diablo III team: redesign Natalya’s set and integriete the Elemental Arrow as a powerful skill. Certainly, Kridershot and Augustine’s Panacea would have to be adapted as well.

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Maybe I misremember, but I thought Rapid Fire was included in the Nat set.

I’m sorry but you have it all backwards. Firstly, Elemental Arrow works with UE since Kridershot turns it into a generator, so it belongs to UE6, not Nats or a combination of UE and Mara. The only reason EA is not played nowadays is that Bliz refuses to buff the bow/quiver.

Now about Nats. As the name “Natalya’s Vengeance” implies, the skill that should rightfully be the focus of this set is Vengeance (NOT Rain of Vengeance). It should be akin to Barb’s IK set and have an effect that reduces the cooldown of Vengeance, allowing Nats builds to forgo Dawn. That is how the set should be redesigned.

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Interesting interpretation.

If they pulled Rain of Vengeance off Natalya’s and swapped it with regular Vengeance, what becomes of the 4pc bonus?

If they didn’t want to completely reinvent the wheel, couldn’t they just add Vengeance to the 2pc bonus and have it work like Roland’s or Seeker’s 2pc?

I personally don’t mind Natalya’s as a RoV centric set — fundamentally it plays fine. The legendary items are just not up to spec.

I am not sure how Vengeance as a dps ability would work since it is part of most DH builds.

What would you do to differentiate its use on Natalya’s?

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I know you’re not asking me, but the obvious thing would be it gets all runes and boosts all damage by X%.

But since that’s boring, it could convert you into the true embodiment of Vengeance, making Vengeance permanently active (no need to put it on your skill bar) and giving you a couple new abilities that do all the damage. No, that’s not like Archon at all, I promise.

Thanks for the comments, ideas and started discussion. I know that Elemantal Arrow was played in the early days of Diablo III. So I would like to see this skill used powerfully again, as each rune makes a slightly different gameplay.
I came up with the idea of combining this skill with Natalaya’s set, as I think it would be fun to use Rain of Vengeance and Elemantal Arrow in one build.
However, I would love any other variation as well. Gladly also a LoD build with an additional adjustment of various items. The main thing is that Elemantal Arrow gets an important role again. Certainly, the topic name could have been chosen differently due to this background.

Analogous to IK, the 4pc bonus becomes where the flat CDR for Vengeance is applied. Optionally the flat CDR for RoV can be moved from 2p to 4p as well, making Nats support both Vengeance and Rain of Vengeance. Then the 4p (RoV deals XXX% more damage) can be moved to the 2p.

The 6p would simply be XXX% more damage and XXX% less damage taken while Vengeance is active. Not creative at all, but it doesn’t need to be: the creative part comes from designing builds that work for the skill-agnostic damage bonus (without Dawn factoring in the equation).

As dying with Vengeance down would make you lose DR from both Dark Heart and the 6p bonus, the 4p can be added with “Vengeance’s cooldown is refreshed when you die”, like Masquerade set.

That was never the idea, instead it’s just meant to proc set bonuses.

Technically E-Arrow is already included on the Marauder set. All that would be needed to make it competitive is to boost the supporting quiver, and possibly add a second support item.

Natalya might be the crappiest set they have created for any class.
Testing in off-season, randomly, bats in festering woods are immune to spike traps and won’t die. I could create a bug report but they had it closer to right in PTR
They completely screwed this one up.