Rebirth System - Endless Replayability

Both ARPGs and MMORPGs suffer from one thing.

As soon as the “launch” happens whether its the new ladder season or a new MMO server, everyone jumps on an imaginary escalator headed in one direction. Meanwhile, the new players as time passes must start at the beginning and maybe there aren’t as many people starting there journey.

I feel both ARPGs and MMORPGs can benefit from a well designed rebirth system. It would make the entire game have value rather than going through the content once and only focusing on “end game” which I feel has been done to death.

A rebirth system…

Diablo III - Game Guide - Seasons - Rebirth

If you wish to play in a Season but don’t want to create a new character, the Rebirth option allows you to transfer an existing character to the current Season. After selecting one of your heroes in the character selection screen, you’ll be able to use the Rebirth button, which will convert him or her into a Seasonal Hero, revert it to level 1, and mail his or her items and stash contents to your non-seasonal mailbox.