Reaper's Wraps does not restore essence

I’m running Tragoul’s set and have Skeletal Mage (life support).

I’m picking up globes, but they do not restore essence.

With Reaper’s Wraps, when picking up globes, it should restore my essence.

This is a bug. Please fix.

They recently added an internal cooldown to Reaper’s Wraps to reduce their effectiveness in rat runs. So not all globes will restore essence now.

Are they 100% failing or only some of the time?

They simply do not restore essence at all. 100% failing. This has to be a bug.

Maybe something’s wrong when wearing Tragoul set. Reaper’s Wraps doesn’t work at all.

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The test would be to try playing with just the wraps and not wearing the set, if you gain essence then it’s a set malfunction. If you still don’t gain any then it’s something with the bracer or it’s power.

Just tested this, and Reaper’s Wraps work as expected, even with the Trags set. Do you have a video of this in action?

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Have you tried wearing Tragoul set and wear Reaper’s Wraps? Cube Razeth’s Volition (shoulder). With skeletal mages (life support) on the bar.

It’s pretty much a tragoul version of singularity mages.

Now, when I pick up globes, it never restores essence.

yeah, works fine here.