Really fun build zuni with dogs, garg and fetish army

My gear is still garbage, but i am having the most fun i have every had in this game.

I am using the 6 piece set of zuni to keep my fetish alive permanent and the 15k% increased damage when i use mana spell

i use acid cloud/acid rain as my mana user to hit the enemies
i use piranas/pirahado as secondary and if an enemy gets too close to me

i also have fetish sycophants to give me even more fetishes.

basically i just drop the acid cloud all over the map and stand back. i use try to save the piranas for elites or if i get into trouble.

my biggest problem is they will randomly go attack enemies in side doors and i have to be sure drop some acid on them or they will stay there all day.

i might try for the gidbinn weapon still, but i am not sure because i picked the fetishes that use darts, so they get bonus with dagger of darts weapon.
i definitely need a couple of other pieces need work too, i have been trying random things so i still have mismatched stuff,

EDIT: after a day of farming and trying stuff. i switched a few things around, i am finally happy with everything. its not too fast, so it isnt going to win any speed races, but boy its a lot of fun to play and stays alive better than all my others.

Also, i got the gidbinn finally and found what i had originally was better for my build

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So yeah, it’s fun, but
Make sure to get the following items to go with that:
Short mans finger or ring of emptiness in cube.
Other in ring slot, depedning on which ring is closests to the max %
Change acid cloud to haunt, use rune giving two.
Get neck or ethreal weapon boosting voodoo skill and neck with pierce the veil and confidnece ritual or midnight feast or zombie handler and put others in your skill.

Get piranahado as cc and also the lower CD 1 second on kills within 20 yards as skill.

Now you go and at strt of rift mash haunt until you have 15 extra little ones and remember to get fetish army boost on shoulder, chest and off-hand.

After the initial spam just sit and wait for mana and keep casting haunt now and then and if pets stuck somewhere piranha their asses in doors and go through and around to get some fetishes on other side of packs and just wait for you pets to demolish everything.