Really? A WD Nerf?

Let’s just call it Necromancer 3 and remove all of the other classes with the exception of (maybe) the Demon Hunter. I mean, gotta have a Necro for Paragon Farming and probably a DH for T16 farming. Let’s face it, people love solo grifting and they love getting as high up as they can but a nerf to the solo WD who has no other competitive build is obscene. Witch Doctors aren’t useful in groups, they aren’t tanks, they aren’t in Rat Runs, and now they’re going to be bad in solo Grifting. Please explain to me why they’re in the game? #bluetracker thx.


Completely unwarranted and un-necessary hating on the WD…

This is a HUGE nerf to the Gazing Demise… 2/3 damage lost <=> 300% reduction in damage… equivalent to a perfect roll ring of emptiness bonus, removed…

2nd nerf in a row to the same build (Spirit barrage)

BEFORE this nerf, the WD was last place (or basically tied with Monk for last place) in power of all the classes…

I don’t understand why the devs HATE the WD so much… this was really fun and now it’s going to be trash… going from a “S” class build down to a “C” or maybe even “D” class build thanks to this nerf.

Completely rediculous… especially when Necros are extremely overpowered…


I guess the WD is similar in theme to a Necro, so they can’t have the non expansion class lowering the expansion sales


I’ve been around for many seasons and this is the worst change that they made by far. With the worst possible explanation. This sounds inauspicious for other classes too by the way, cause who’s to say that barb whirlrend or monk tempest for example won’t get nerfed too next season? Do we expect to see similar behaviours in D4? Is the first class that comes as a dlc (probably the necro again) going to ruin the game for the other existing classes?

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literally the worst class every season… why do they hate this class?