Rathma build, army of the dead

Is it intended to be this powerful? I just tried it, and it is insane. If you get the sanctified power that casts army of the dead on enemies withinin range, it is just insane. I can not believe this is intended.

Edit: typo, I wrote Land of the Dead, not Army of the Dead

I belive you mean army of the dead, land of the dead is a different ability

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This is a bug. AotD is currently getting the wrong rune from the Sanctified power.

Ok, makes sense. After your reply, I took a peek in the PTR Bug forum, and read what it is about. I anticipate that this will be fixed, so leaving the necro for that time. Thanks for your input.

I imagine that the bug won’t really make that much of a difference. When using the Rathma set your army of the dead gets bonus’, and anything that procs from army of the dead will likely proc constantly too.
I have no doubt that it’s going to be insanely powerful even after fixing the bug. So much that people might just play Rathma in the upcoming season, instead of Trag’Oul.

No it isn’t. Try running it without Fate’s Vow. This bug exists on live server as well.

You can’t cast just Unconventional Warfare even manually on Live while Fate’s Vow is equipped, it does the same thing the sanctified power is doing now - casts both UW and unruned AotD.

This season theme brought attention to this bug, but it already existed.

I’ve cast it manually with Fate’s Vow and without… the visual is exactly the same as with the season theme item equipped.

The difference is that rather than it being like a 20 yrd effect, it’s the entire screen, it’s automatic, and it hits multiple times per second. But it’s not using the wrong rune as far as I can tell, at least not visually.

Clearly something is broken though, because… it’s the most fun i’ve had in D3 in a long time and GR125 is literally a walk in the park.

If you have UW rune on your skill bar and you cast AotD on the live/S26 servers right now, it works as intended - sends some dudes out to do UW(u n.n) stuff.

If you then equip Fate’s Vow, it adds a normal (unruned) AotD effect in addition to the Unconventional Warfare skele when you manually cast AotD - UW. This is a bug

Fast forward to Season 27, now you have the game casting AotD - UW. This works as intended until you equip Fate’s Vow and trigger the existing bug, just automagically all over the screen.

And here is it doing the exact same thing on S26 live servers

The sanctified power isn’t the problem. It just draws attention to an existing bug.

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Not unruned, it plays the effect of Death Valley.

Death Valley doesn’t have an effect.

With no rune:

With Death Valley rune: