Raiment set rework

(2) Set:
Your Spirit Generators have 25% increased attack speed and 400% increased damage. Crippling wave gains all runes.
(4) Set:
Dashing Strike gains all runes and spends 50 Spirit, but refunds a Charge when it does.
After primary skills third hit gain %50 damage reduction for 10 second.
(6) Set:
Dashing Strike increases the damage of your Spirit Generators by 10000% for 6 seconds.

item changes

Spirit Guards(Bracer):
Your Spirit Generators reduce your damage taken by 60% for 8 seconds.
Primary skills third hit deal %600 increased damage.

this is my theory set.
I love this set but need improvements.
What is your opinions guys ty.

Not a fan of forcing the build into Crippling Wave. Also not a fan of eliminating the option of a Dash monk since your idea only buffs generators. I’m not sure if 50% DR is enough for a generator build (it is certainly better than the current live version which has zero DR.

Your 6 piece is roughly 1.65x stronger than current live version which is probably enough (maybe 2x would be enough). The problem with Raiment builds is they are squishy (as I said I don’t think 50% is enough DR). Adding a 7x multiplier to the bracer’s 3rd strike (effectively a 2.3x multiplier is a cool way to add power without making it crazy OP. :+1:

Raiment needs a DR built into the set!

Dashing Strike spends 100 spirits and refunds 2 charges when it does.
Increase the maximum charge of your DS by 10.
Each DS Charge reduces your damage taken by 15% (multiplicatively).

in spirit generator skills only Crippling Wave have AOE Damage
extra damage reduction Crippling Wave - Concussion Rune = Enemies hit by Crippling Wave deal 20% less damage for 3 seconds.

Raiment and Raekor sets are similar. Both sets do not have built-in DR and relies on other items.

Raekor Barbarians can equip a single Band of Might for 80% DR.
Monk can equip Spirit Guard and Crystal Fist to match 80% DR.

Damage output wise:

Raiment 6pc:
Your Spirit-Generators increase the weapon damage of your Dashing Strike to 60000% for 6 seconds and your Dashing Strike increases the weapon damage of your Spirit Generator by 6000% for 6 seconds.

Raekor 6pc:
Every use of Furious Charge increases the damage of your next Fury-Spender attack by 5500%. This effect stacks. Every use of fury-spending attacks consumes up to 5 stacks.

Mechanic is very similar.

Crystal is not used on gen monks. You need shen + fd.
You can use lefe + spirit guards but its not enough - one equivalent to band of might would be nice for us.
Dmg is way too low compared to the new possible builds.
Almost all complain about shen mechanics.
Also I’d love cc immunity. There are so many rifts you cant play with r6, everything with hard hitter, frozen, knockback or pulling monsters you need to skip. And there is no possibility to get perma epi

2 Set:
50% Reduced Damage for 10 Seconds after using Dashing Strike
Dashing Strike gains all Passive Rune Effects

4 Set:

Increases Dashing Strike Passive Effect Strength by 100%
Increases Dashing Strike Passive Effect Duration by 100%
Increases Spirit Generator Passive Effect Strength by 100%
Increases Spirit Generator Passive Effect Duration by 100%

6 Set:
Increases Damage from Spirit Generators by 20.000%
Increases Damage for Dashing Strike by 40.000%
Increases Damage for Seven Sided Strike by 80.000%
Increases Epiphany Duration by 100%
Gain Alacrity Passive
Gain Mythic Rythm Passive

Dashing Strike doesn’t have a “passive effect” per se, but the various runes have an effect after activation. Spirit generators don’t have “passive effects” either, though 1 or 2 runes have a side effect with a duration (Crippling Wave’s 3rd hit or the Concussion rune’s debuff). Your wording is very unusual and your 6 piece idea is WAY too scattered, why is SSS on there? Generator attacks are less powerful than the live version since the current R6 has 2 separate multipliers for a 305x multiplier and your bonus is a 201x multiplier.

Gen Monk is almost same as Raekor HotA playstyle.
The only difference is that Raekor HOTA needs to Fcharge 5x before using a single HOTA. Gen Monks only needs to use DS once every 6 seconds and keep attacking gen skills for 6 seconds…

But if we keep raiment as a gen monk, I’d still prefer playing Raekor HOTA.

i have been thinking about this set for a while it has been one of my favorites ,but underpowered for a while …this is my "wish list " …
2 piece set : your spirit generators have 25% increased attack speed and 400 % increased damage.
4 piece set : dashing strike spends 75 spirit but refunds a charge when it does. After dashing strike or cyclone strike and for 6 seconds after receive 60 % damage reduction.
6 piece set : dashing strike increases the damage of your spirit generators by 15000% for 6 seconds and cause an additional 500% damage to enemies within 12 yards.

I have tried to keep it simple but more in line with the way GoD works for DH.I also thought adding some area of effect damage to generators could help , but damage reduction is the real problem for this set … if they made a ring like this : Boon of ytar : after casting dashing strike,blinding flash or breath of heaven take 60 % reduced damage for 8 seconds , that would help also . … peace

I like the DR proposal and Monk’s could really use a DR ring like Band of Might like you suggested. I wouldn’t mind the R6 bonus buffing Dashing Strike how it currently does, but more than the current buff is (maybe add a Dashing Strike bonus to an unused fist weapon or spirit stone). I wouldn’t want the set to be only a generator set, keep the buff to Dash damage, even though the generator version will almost certainly be the push build due to Shen Long’s set.

yep forgot to add the DS damage in the 6 piece , i like the generator aspect of the build …but it does not have to be generator only , just trying to keep it simple , those builds are fun . Easy to learn difficult to master, I played this set for so long and it became one of my favorites as I’m sure you did as well ,i guess im just trying to stay with the "identity " of the build , but i would be interested to see what your take would be with it :slight_smile: peace