Raiment needs DAMAGE REDUCTION, period

It has probably been brought up before, but monk generator is the build for the pro’s in my opinion… (only viable for solo play atm) but it’s a melee range, it can also test your monk skills / abilities. But, you gotta be careful everywhere, dodge this… dodge that. Or you’re dead.

Thanks to 4pc raiment you have the ability to dodge, and the mobility to move fast.

I remember, one legendary player from EU said that this build / set is only for high paragons. So higher’s were using CoE setup instead of being forced with Unity.

It’s the only monk set, and probably 1 of very few sets in the game with no damage reduction… and it’s a melee range build.

I can barely tank GR125 with 3k para, augment and triple dodge skills.

I remember when Season of Grandeur were live, players were clearing ~GR130 with 3-4k para, but they were able to wear both unity and the cyclone shoulders (50% reduction). With a slot for CoE.

That’s when raiment looked good.


It needs more than damage reduction.


In my opinion, this build need damage reduction, regular attack speed and more damage.

The attack speed with flying dragon is bad when we compare with others high attack speed builds like Roland, IK HoTA and Frenzy (H90 or LoN). Attack speed coupled with life-by-hit gives survival.