Quick Question About the Barbarian Trailer

Why add D3 barbarian (War Cry) sounds and concepts (FURY) into a D2 remaster trailer?

What’s the character concept of the barbarian? Lore-wise. Legit asking because I don’t know and I usually avoid that class.

I always thought he was an angry berserker of sorts, in which case “unleash your fury” would make sense since they’re always yelling and mowing down stuff.

No argument on the war cry sound, should have used the iconic one.

The only thing fury related to D2 that I know of is Fury rune word. However, in D3 the barbarian’s energy is Fury, and instead of him saying “need more mana” as in D2, he says “need more fury.”

To which he has multiple War Cry sounds.

Because Diablo III is the most successful Diablo game ever, selling at least 20 million copies on pc only in comparison to 4 million copies only and is a huge success made by Blizzard.

I forgot to mention: Fastest selling pc game of ALL TIME.

Just some facts.

Diablo III’s initial success was completely riding the coattails of the first 2 games. Plus, everyone and their uncle’s cat purchased multiple copies of it during the RMAH. People bought the game after launch to make money, not because it was credited as being a great game. All those games were purchased, then the game was soon dead, and they had to drastically make a completely different game with RoS. The original Diablo III that sold 20 million copies isn’t even a game that exists. That is the hard cold facts of the D3 success fallacy. In fact, D3 RoS is the worst selling game in the entire franchise. I can only imagine the joke sales for the Necro.

Shadowlands and Cyberpunk 2077 hold the number 1 and 2 spots.

This article explains clearly why D2 is being remastered and D3 is left to die with no expansion, and why D4 is returning to D2 roots. D2 and D1 have both out sold D3 on PC. As of 2018 D2 had sold 34.5 million copies, and of course, those numbers came before the D2:R announcement.

The 4 million number for D2 that you speak of, is from 2001. The game has been selling for 20 years since that number was obtained.

In 2008 Diablo Battlechest is 19th highest selling game.

In 2010 Diablo Battlechest is one of the top 10 selling games.

In 2010, 11 million users were playing Diablo 2 and SCBW on bnet.

And of course none of these numbers include the millions of stolen keys resold on shady websites.

To quote you…

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It sold more and did better than D2, it is the most profitable Diablo game in the franchise. Facts.
There is not turning that around, so no surprise Blizzard are proud of their awesome work to include it in D2 trailer.

P.S.: We will see how much D2R will sell. :wink:
P.S.#2: How do I know you are just hear-saying? RoS added content and was not a completely different game (lol!!!). How is D2 without LoD anyways? D2 is also completely re-done by that logic since 1.00 did not even allow you to buy mana pots! :rofl:

All though that is a completely foolish guess for reasons I’m happy to school you on, but I’ll first read through your sources, as they clearly confirm your integrity.

As for adding D3 sounds, they likely added them to subliminally trigger the 500 remaining D3 players into buying.

You cited poorly uncredited sources and made baseless assumption.
Which source has it that Diablo II sold 34.5 millions, that Diablo I and Diablo II both out sold D3 on PC? :roll_eyes:

Diablo Battlechest was #19 in 2008 which is embarrassing.
And that article about STARCRAFT (and D2). Who in their right state of mind would believe Diablo II had 11 million users in 2010… :woman_facepalming:

This is just typical embarrassing emotional D2 fanboy talk.

I am sorry, but you are the 500.

Also, you did not answer, Diablo II does not exist by that logic because remember 1.00 and without LoD? :rofl:

Thanks for the update.

But isn’t that trailer referring to the concept of fury (“violence or energy displayed in natural phenomena or in someone’s actions.”) rather than a gameplay mechanic? I think they’re just using corny words, and it’s a coincidence that it’s a resource in D3

There was no attack to D3 in this post. It’s just weird that they used a D3 sound effect in a D2 trailer.

First smart thing you have done so far.

Please devs use more D3 in D2R trailers so it can attract even some of D3 base and we don’t get a DoA game!

I thought by today people would grow up from “d3 fans stupid d2 fans smart” but what do you know.

Come on, let’s not. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s true though. Stop coming to topics looking for a fight.

It isn’t.
Especially with the poster’s history.

I know for a fact OP gave D3 a fair chance. You’re the one who came here trolling about something completely unrelated to the topic’s question.

I think it’s deliberate, just like the War Cry sound. Words used on The Arreat Summit by BN to describe the barbarian are “fierce passion” for the Frenzy skill and “rage” for the Berserk skill. They also refer to him as “spiritual” and “shamanic”.

According to some dictionary sources I looked up, “fury” means extreme anger and “rage” means “violent, uncontrolled anger”. The two words are very close in definition and most people use them interchangeably. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, especially because between “unleash your rage” and “unleash your fury”, the latter sounds more catchy and it’s usually the word of choice in marketing campaigns.

At least in that trailer the barb is cutting down demons, and not hedge lol

Also worth pointing out that the people who make marketing campaings usually aren’t hardcore players of the game. They’re… people who are good at marketing

The difference between extreme anger and violent anger such as you described are significantly different, but we are arguing semantics when the video speaks the truth to my point.

Fury is fundamental to the D3 barbarian, with out it, the D3 barbarian is useless. The trailer says “Unleash Your Fury”, in the time it says that in print on the screen it uses two D3 War Cry sounds, the first D3 War Cry is pair with “YOUR” and the second D3 War Cry sound is paired up with “FURY”. These are not coincidences. This was intentional.

I guess we’ll agree to disagree. I think you’re seeing too much in this, but I also can’t prove you’re wrong. It is indeed possible.

I’ve just seen that exact sentence overused so many times in marketing that this video just looks like a generic RPG ad to me

I understand marketing techniques very well, this was done deliberate to entice the D3 crowd.

Can you show me the exact sentence used in marketing any other game?

Also, the War Cry paired with the word Fury is inherently linked to unleashing Fury in D3.

Can’t really disagree with that. Since I’m part of both crowds, however, I can say that this trailer would do very little to sell the game to me. Looks pretty generic and weirdly similar to mobile game ads that pop to me every so often and get immediately skipped.

I can’t remember every single commercial I’ve seen. My memory isn’t great.

The closest thing I can say is that there are metal songs and MTG cards with similar names.