Quick level help request

Hi, after playing D4 beta I needed to keep the demon slaying itch scratched, so I redownloaded D3. Starting fresh in S28.

If anyone has some moments to spare tonight 3/28 to help get me to 70, you’d have many thanks. If I can help you level once I gear up a little, I always try to return the favor. I’ll be online around 9pm CDT. Thanks all.

PSN: jringg

Most people can at this point already craft level 70 gear for new character and level up in less than 2 hours. You will understand when you see altar.

yes, but it’s under 20 minutes easily being power levelled. OP will also need to finish story mode before he can jump into adventure mode and from prior experiences, this applies to seasonal play too.

OP I presume you are already at clvl 70. I’m in Australia, the time differentials would make it very difficult for me to time it so that I can assist you. Sorry.

Except anyone who can already do GR90+ has most likely already finished alrar and has materials and gear to help their own new character. Only thing I can think of is doing exploit that will allow fresh 70 character to enter T16 game without soloing GR75 and then just looting in bounty game without helping. I have seen quite a lot of them lately. Even though they might have paragon to survive in T16 they lack gear. Since T16 drops legendaries everywhere it’s like christmas for ungeared character.

And no, adventure mode doesn’t require campaign anymore.

First of all - it never applied to seasonal play (i.e. Adventure mode was always available on seasonal play, even for new accounts).

And since Season 27, finishing Campaign mode is not required to unlock Adventure mode in non-seasonal play.

Adventure Mode is now unlocked for all accounts by default. Players are no longer required to complete the Campaign to access Adventure mode.

quote from:

I stand corrected then. I barely played in s27, just enough to get the seasonal journey done. It’s nice to know that though, thank you.

Well, I’ve had new players who wanted help, who hadn’t completed the campaign mode at all, and I wasn’t able to power level them like I’d normaly would. They couldn’t join my t6 seasonal adventure mode game. They could join my game in campaign mode, but not adventure mode. I have no idea why given what you are saying.

Rares will suffice for levelling to clvl 70. New character, do the challenge rift, and voila.

Wait, what? That’s new to me. It’s bad enough with the cheaters en masse on the PS4 platform. I can’t even work out how some of them are cheating these days, with some seemingly using legit gear, lgems like lvl 50, and clearing a GR150 in 4 minutes. No augments. I’m a good enough player to know how the game works and that this isn’t possible (at least with the build they were playing), but I have no idea how they cheated.

I had two such players. Later it turned out, that they only had base game, without RoS - so they did not even have the Adventure mode available (let alone unlocked). :man_shrugging:t2:

Also, I’m speaking from my own experience. I started playing Diablo on EU. A few months later, when I “discovered” that I can change regions, I went to Asia region, and played season in Adventure mode right from the start. It was only when the season ended I had to do the Campaign, because in non-seasonal play my Adventure mode was locked.

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Perhaps it is that then. This was several seasons ago though, probably s24/23 from memory. With my failing memory, seasons all blur into One sadly :frowning: