Questions re: Kanai's Cube

In regards to The Executioner " Attacks will slay enemies with less than 10% health "
and Stone Of Jordan " Each of your elemental damage bonus is equal to your highest static elemental bonus to skill " I have found lot’s of these items, yet each item has NO bonuses at all. So are they just extremely rare to find with bonuses or have the items with bonuses been removed from the game ?

If no bonuses on the items, they are legacy versions. You need to farm new ones for the new bonus.

Reforge won’t turn them into new versions.

Oh, OK, so I’m guessing the new versions are extremely rare to find…

Nope. If you wanted the Executioner you could go to the blacksmith, craft some rare, level 70 two-handed axes and then use the Cube’s “Upgrade rare to legendary” recipe and you’d have one pretty quickly.