Question on Essence of anguish vs remnant of pain shards etc

So, playing s6 impale, albeit not super competitive due to motivation issues (too much cheating on the PS4).

I see many players are using remnant of pain with cold mg, and using CoE and Squirts rather than the traditional TP/CR combination.

I presume that Squirts simply gives greater uptime for the dmg boost than the TP/CR combo. Correct?

CoE AFAIK has a poison cycle, so this should be usable if going with the essence of anguish route.

Feedback to Blizzard - please enable poison dmg on karleis point to roll naturally. It’s roll rate seems almost 0% which makes getting a good karleis to use with essence of anguish a real p.i.t.a whilst other options are far easier to gear for.

essence of anguish vs remnant of pain - for me personally, I like the former as it helps maintain NG, which is critical for double dmg on PS4 etc (otherwise we do half the dmg that a PC player does for the very same gear/mobs). Getting that initial NG globe and then maintaining it is a real p.i.t.a when pushing to your GR limit. PC doesn’t have this issue as NG mechanic is completely different on PC and doesn’t interfere with dmg output. Anyway - what is the general consensus of the 2 shards in terms of which is better, and why?



Only on classes that have native poison skills (Witch Doctor, Necromancer). CoE only rolls around to the elements available to your class. It does not roll around to poison on DH.

OH, then there is zero point in switching to squirts and CoE. I’ll stick to just using TP/CR then.

I am really unsure as to whether or not remnant of pain offers any real advantage. I suspect a lot of players are just blindly copying what maxroll/icy veins write in a build template…

I find Maxroll’s guides full of inconsistencies.

For example: They might show a recommended Follower wearing a Unity Ring. But, the Character does not have one equipped or cubed.

I use their guides as a starting point and modify the build, the best I can, to suit my play-style.

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if u play solo , u can use weapon dmg poison element on follower to proc ur essence of anguish gem, dont u know tat ?



Make a sentence using defeat, defense and detail.

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No, I did not know that. Thank you.

Poison damage on follower weapon is fine. Only thing to watch out for is if the stacks are on max level most of the time. It may be a problem if you play a ranged build and use the templar because he may not attack as much as you’d like.

yeah, I was thinking that might be the case. If I understand things correctly, the templar has to tag the mob and then I have to finish it off to get the explosive benefit of the essence of anguish shard. If he’s hitting 1 set of mobs and I’m going at completely different mobs (which for me personally, is quite often the case), then the essence of anguish explosive feature (or any other benefits) aren’t going to trigger.

Remnant of pain looks better in that I’m not pigeon holed into having to re-roll the base dmg stat of a karleis. My concern is at higher GRs, maintaining NG. The explosive aspect of essence helps kill a bunch of trash mob very quickly and help keep NG time up. I suspect remnant of pain will at higher GRs, mean no NG uptime and being relegated to half dmg, making its benefits effectively useless.

No that’s not necessary.

Poison damage is not necessary for the death explosion. The death explosion happens on every kill regardless. A Poison weapon (or skill) is not required at all for the death explosion. Don’t need it on you or your follower.

The poison roll is only needed for stacking the movement speed + CDR + damage taken stacks. And for applying the 50% damage buff if you are using that one.

But if you’re running Death Blow and killing fast enough, you can actually get away without poison damage at all. Because the Death Blow itself is poison damage, so it also grants stacks even without a poison damage weapon or skill anywhere. It’s just you won’t get many stacks unless you kill fast, so if you want the stacks on a push with Death Blow, you’ll probably at least want a follower weapon with poison. But for speeds with Death Blow, it’s totally viable to run without poison at all, because the Death Blow popping off all the time will keep your stacks capped out by itself.


I’m using the 50% dmg buff.

I haven’t really sat down and looked at the versions in the d3planner sim (if it even supports the shards, I have no idea).

I guess, if I take poison off my weapon and instead have it on my follower’s weapon, will I ONLY get the 50% dmg buff if I hit enemies that my follower has tagged?

I just had a look at d3planner and my God the interface is truly horrid now. maxroll have ruined it. Trying to edit the essence shard’s stats as it defaults to movement speed/CDR variant rather than the 50% dmg buff that I am using and I cannot see how to edit it. Stupid design.

Yeah it took me a bit to figure out how to do it, it works differently than their other gear edits. It ends up being a multi-step process where it probably could have been just all in one place. It’s a bit clunky. When you have the weapon/helm selected, it’ll let you pick the shard type, but you can’t edit the shard directly from there. First you have to pick the shard you want, then click ‘Edit’ next to the shard in the socket, then that brings you to a new window where you can edit the shard stats. One of them will be a dropdown to select the variant.

They probably could have at least let you select the 3 shard variants in addition to the shard type on the main gear screen instead of putting the shard variant selection behind into the edit screen.

(EDIT: looks like I got my TL3 back at some point this week, so I embedded the images properly)

Yeah I think for the 50% dmg one, that’s the case where you definitely want poison damage on your own weapon, not just your follower.

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many thanks mate. Have to head off to work today (Saturday), so will check it out when I get home.


Doing a mock up now with all primals to check between essence of anguish/aughilds/cr/tp vs remnant of pain/squirts/coe to see if there is really any significant difference. All the top players on PS4 are using the latter variant for their build. Some are using aughilds, some are using guardians set, sans chain of shadows.

It’ll be interesting to see the sims dmg.

2nd edit: I can’t see any benefit to remnant of pain of essence of anguish other than an easier better rolled karlei prime (essence requires me to find an ancient with % dmg and IAS on it so I can re-roll the phys dmg to poison). Changing sliver of terror from bonus lightning dmg to increased AS and chc seems to give a big DPS buff though. I guess I’ll have to test in the field to see…