Question: Are we safe to use FoK: Blade Barrier

Like the title says are there any safe ways to use the FoK in our builds?

Currently I use this in my set-up GoD6 grenades, it would be really crappy if there was any unintended damage increase due to spamming FoK.

My biggest problem is my laptop, it is on the limit. That means that there are occasions where I don’t see what exactly happens on screen.

Yes. It’s safe. I’ve been using Bladed Armor in my build since season began. Not once have a one shot any mob.

The thing that really bothers about folks abusing the bug is it isn’t necessary to clear a 150 with Nats. I mean, I’m up to 147. And dmkt cleared a 150 without the bug a week ago.

Point is, yes it’s safe to use Fan of Knives/Bladed Armor. I can testify to that.

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