Question about stacking blizzards


I see that the Blizzard skill have a 1.8 skill delay and 4 sec duration. If I cast a second blizzard at the exact same place, do the ennemies inside take damage from both Blizzards?


Yes, it stacks for more damage.

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Ok, in that case it looks like a very efficient skill, providing I heavily invest in synergies, which means harder times dealing with cold immunes.

Thank you for your answer.

It stacks but not for very long. It has a 1.8 second cooldown and a duration of 4 seconds. The diablo wiki says that the damage doesn’t start right away either, it’s delayed. If you cast it back to back you might get at best 2 seconds of stacking. By the time you cast the third blizzard the 1st is already done. So you can’t stack more than 2 blizzards at a time and only for 2 seconds or less.

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You go full blizzard for specific farming runs like mephisto, ancient tunnels and cows. Otherwise, you run meteorb or blizzballer to play through hell difficulty as it can actually complete the game solo without insane runewords like infinity (lightning sorc).

If only we could get rid of the delay :relaxed: