Question about Ethereals (add/multi) damage

2 xbow vs bow:

The +150% of the buri ethereal are included in sheet damage (hit 4 millon with emerald).
Usually that meant that this is additive damage, which would make Taeguk probably a bad choice. So maybe take trapped and zeis then …

How does it work?


It’s a multiplier, despite showing up in the sheet damage. You should be just fine using Taeguk.


Ok thanks, so this is a display bug or the description is wrong (maybe it works on everything like S2?). Buffing screen damage is “wrong” because this wouldn’t work with thorns or for instance Mirinae (both are not DH skills). But I guess that is a minor problem :wink:

Yeah, the +100% or +150% to Demon Hunter skills is indeed multiplicative but shows up on your sheet DPS. Also, in case anyone is wondering, the +800 maximum damage (at 800+ paragon) counts as a ring affix for the purpose of calculations; it is not affected by the +x% damage on a weapon like a ruby.

Equivalently, +800 max damage is roughly equal to a ring affix of “+267-533 damage”, which is about 2.5 of those min/max damage rolls.


Too bad that Doomslinger does not have it and the Ethereals are so unbalanced.
Messed around with D3planner and Doomslinger. With echoing fury you can hit > 4.0+ sheet APS (doesn’t even need Gogok), with Strafe at 3 FPA and HA at 10-11. Would add a couple of more manual hits. With everything maxed (regardless of damage loss, so witching hour, mempo and lacunis, Gogok), you could actually get 5 sheet APS :slight_smile:

I’m probably try this as a fun build.

For Multishot this should even be easier.

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Doomslinger and other classes ethereal equivalent were meant for speed content such as T16. This is further evidenced by the fact that they added movement speed bonus after killing an elite mid PTR patch instead of buffing it to be competitive with Buriza.

With that said, while it has no use for any GR builds, it is by far my absolute favorite ethereal weapon to use for T16 content.


It honestly feels too short though. Shoulda been 15 seconds I think.


Should have been 70 seconds!

I mean, look at some of those other abilities. +damage from paragon, stacking extra attack speed, stacking single-target damage… all of those are really good. Extra speed is just utilty, no matter how much.


Yeah, probably!

I was just thinking 15 seconds to match it with In-Geom.

I’ve tried it on a couple builds (I’m currently farming all 21 ethereals) and the 7 seconds just felt way too short. It should last long enough to make it between elite packs. Unless you are blasting 1 min rifts, 7 seconds isn’t quite enough. Doing ~2 min rifts I was having decent chunks of downtime on it.

It’s meant for speedfarming, and you should be able to keep it up basically all the time in speedfarming runs. Kinda like In-geom. It’s only 30% movement speed, it’s not going to break the game!

But you’re right, why stop at 15 seconds. Make it 60 or 70! Those weapons all tend to be the weakest weapon on their class anyway, might as well buff it to make it a little more useful for it’s intended purpose. It’s not 70 seconds of 30% movement speed is going to allow someone to push 3 tiers higher or something.


Thx for the info. Did not follow PTR and came back after a pause for 2 seasons/eras. Will try in on t16, but I’d need one with the echoing fury roll as it already adds 25% movement speed which is always active (unless there is this ### empty level)


Absolutely. More uptime would have been nice. I will say that at least for DH’s, there’s this adrenaline rush to get to the next elite in within 7 seconds to keep up that speed buff, which can be fun for some and gives you something to do, haha. This is achievable a good bit of the time in T16 rifts, but not necessarily bounties though.

But ya, more uptime would be great.

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