Question about captain crimson + laws of valor unstoppable force

So i’m using invoker set a lot right now. Icyveins claims that you should use laws of valor + unstoppable force, because they say it will give massive damage reduction alongside captain crimson. However, when i try this out, it doesn’t seem to work. My toughness doesnt rise at all and I notice very little difference.

So is toughness just not accurately displaying that you get damage reduction from empowering laws of valor unstoppable force? Or do you not get damage reduction anyways?

And if it doesn’t work, then what should I use instead? I was thinking laws of justice + decaying strength.

what is does, is give you reduced damage equal to your resource cost reduction. So, say you have 34% resource cost reduction, with the chant up, it basically doubles it for some crazy reason. That gives you say 60% resource reduction (give or take a few points). When the chant is up (not all the time) it gives you the boost. So, having the passive ‘long arm of the law’ will extend it to 10 seconds. With decent cooldown, you can have it up all the time.

hey just wanted to let you know i looked at your profile and as i suspected, you dont have a ring of royal grandeur equipped or in cube (on your sader) so that is why you arent getting the toughness boost. you need the 3 piece bonus from captain crimsons to be in effect via the RoRG. hope that help explains things

profile is bugged, but i do have it equipped in cube/

The display of the RoRG in the cube when looking at profiles has been bugged for a long time now - it looks like the cube jewelry slot is empty. To see if the RoRG is actually equipped in the cube, hover the cursor over a piece of the set armor. If the 6-piece bonus is in effect, all the set bonuses are in green. Don’t know why this works and the RoRG display doesn’t.