Question about Buriza-Do Kyanon

The weapon reads: your projectiles pierce 2 additional times

How does this work exactly, I don’t understand what it does?

Lets say Im using impale and the cold rune (pierces), what exactly would this weapon do to the attack? More damage? It just doesnt make sense how you can pierce through everyone more than twice.

Anyone able to explain this to me?

It’s meant for hungering arrow. Thus it being a bow. Impale uses a dagger. I doubt it would have any effect for impale at all.

Buriza’s power applies to all projectiles. Impale, Strafe, doesn’t matter, it makes all non-piercing projectiles pierce. If the projectile already pierces, the power does nothing.

The power also has a hidden 0.5s internal cooldown so its usefulness is rather limited.

If one is using Ninth Cirri Satchel with Hungering Arrow, the HA pierces are always capped at 4. Buriza won’t increase that.


Got it, so it woulnd’t help me, unless I want a free rune for impale.

What does it mean for it to pierce twice, though? How can you pierce more than once?

Imagine a line of 10 mobs and you throw a knife at the line…

  • With no piercing, you hit the first mob in the line and the knife stops.
  • With 1 pierce, you pierce the first mob in the line, and it hits the second mob in the line and the knife stops.
  • With 2 pierces, you pierce the first mob in the line, you pierce the second mob in the line, and you hit the 3rd mob in the line and the knife stops.
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Oh okay, I thought piercing meant all mobs in the line get hit anyway, so the rune would go straight through everyone. I didn’t know it stopped after piercing once. Thanks!

Does it still work for wiz with magic middle: seeker?

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I’m going to test that, but I’m pretty sure it applies only to Demon Hunter. I’ll let ya know!

I bet it still works for wiz.