Quality of life changes

Hello Blizzard dev team and fellow forum readers. I want to share with you and the community some QOL changes that I think would greatly benefit the game at its current stage. Many of these have already been requested by others and my goal is to consolidate them into one comprehensive list.


DML (Dead Man’s Legacy) and HPS (Holy Point Shot), should always spawn with Multi-shot and impale damage. Others have suggested that all quivers must spawn with (critical hit chance) in addition to main stat. My reasoning for this is that these two skills are what makes these quivers unique. Furthermore, there are too many variables that make the grind for a usable quiver unpleasant. I acknowledge that there are other items for other classes that need similar treatment.

Reduce the spread:

Some items have quite a large spread of variable damage. For example, “the ninth cirri satchel” has a 150 points of spread for its unique ability damage modifier %, why not lower it to a 50 points spread? There are many other items that have too wide of a gap and can ruin the item, even if it roller with other great stats. CHC is another example of a widespread that can be tuned up, perhaps make it 15 points spread instead (85% to 100%)?

All elemental damage types:

Diablo 3 has 7 elemental damage types. Arcane (Magic) Cold. Fire. Holy. Lightning. Physical. Poison. I suggest that all gear in the game that adds to elemental type of damage is done so by global elemental damage % instead of specific elemental damage type.

For example, braces that spawn with + fire damage will now say “+ % to elemental damage”. This solves two issues. For one, it opens up gameplay styles by removing restrictions on what gear you have.

Say you want to use a skill for one type of speed play, well then you would have to keep a pair of bracers that caters to that elemental type of damage. But then when you want to push, you would need to use a different and or more powerful skill that requires a different elemental type of damage modifier, those bracers would no longer be optimal. In the latter case, you would have to keep a second pair of bracers that caters to that skills elemental type. This forces the player to keep multiple versions of the same item in the stash to suit their play styles. It also creates wasted and or cluttered space in your stash. If instead the braces came with the modified “+% to all elemental types of damage”, then you only need one pair of bracers, amulets or off hand items that cater to your versatile playstyle. So, in conclusion, this change will help with player choice management, stash space and organization management, and item versatility.


I think its time that all jewelry spawned with one open socket as a standard. Blizzard has already allowed this with Hellfire amulets. Allow the players to use their cube recipes for other modifications, there are so many to choose from already! There is already enough randomness in jewelry as is. Let’s say that you get a GG rolled jewelry item [Crit, crit + 3rd attribute of your choosing], a cool opportunity from this change is that it will allow players to focus their attention on secondary attributes. These secondary attributes can enhance your play experience.

Alternatively, you can remove the socket idea completely and add three new slots to the cube that you can place your 3 legendary gems into much like it works for the 3 unique items you have access to as a passive bonus.

Leveling up 1-70:

I enjoy leveling up my toon at the beginning of the season, but let’s be fair, some classes have early access to uniques in their loot table that can make their leveling up process more enjoyable than others. I suggest lowering all unique item level requirements for all classes to a much lower level for early access. For example, the ninth cirri satchel should be attainable from level 11. Furthermore, for seasonal play, the drop rates for legendaries should be increased. I realized after playing in PTR how much fun it was to get legendries falling from the skies during my leveling process. These items give you a small boost and they are only useful for a short time. It’s a fun time to see lots of loot drop during your first journey through to 70. These items will be obsolete after 70 so there is no harm in having this temporary feature. It will also be a great way for you to collect some key items during your leveling process for cubing so that you can be ready for group play.

Seasonal Theme:

This is a fun one for me to discuss. Some of the previous themes should be stacked with future themes! Why not have more than one seasonal theme active at once. Some of them are harmless and blizzard has already done it to an extent by adding double goblins to the current seasonal theme.

You can also give players a modifier option from the main menu of which seasonal theme they can [add] to the current one from a drop-down list. Say you want to grind bounties, select double bounties from the drop-down menu for a set period of time, or if you want to boost your first playthrough experience select season 18’s oculus power ring. Some players will find the outmost optimal way for using these modifiers and it will be interesting to see.


This next change is a game changing one. I have noticed over the years that Diablo 3 players have evolved towards developing a speed and efficiency playstyle. Many players enjoy speed clearing in this game, and the developers have supported this playstyle through unique set builds and itemization. What I like about greater rifts is the fact that we don’t have to stop to collect things on the floor (progression orbs are optional) during our speed playthrough. All the rewards are collected at the end of the session. Bounties have a similar mechanic to this with exclusive reward content at the end of the session.

I am suggesting the same mechanics be applied to regular rifts. All the loot, gear, and especially all materials you would have accumulated over your play session through the rift would be dropped by the rift guardian at the end of the clear. This solves two issues; for one, you don’t have to stop and pick up loot that inherently disrupts your flow of movement and progression throughout the rift. Secondly, this also solves the matter of having to pick up death breaths and other annoying to pick up materials each time you kill an elite pack. Lastly, as a bonus you won’t have the need for players to go back to town mid playthrough because their stash is full😊 It is a double win for everyone!

Nemesis bracers:

All pylons and shrines now automatically spawn elite packs. The bracers unique ability will now double the packs! Ah yes, I had to include Jay Wilson’s “double it” reference :blush: I always thought that shrines should have a trap like mentality to them. You want this reward? Well you have to deal with this mob after activating it. Or for new players, here are some targets for you to practice on with your new shrine ability. Also add some new shrine and pylon abilities.

Upgrading Gems:

Allow players to pay for additional upgrades for faster low level gems upgrades. If you have the gold, let us use it to boost up the gem upgrades after a GR clear.

I wrote this post because I love this game and would like to continue to support it. I acknowledge that there is a lot more that can be added to this list and to that I encourage you the readers to add your feedback to this thread. I do not expect for all these changes to be applied by next season, but to gradually have some and or all of these suggestions implemented if the community agrees with them. Thank you for your time.

TLDR: Guarantee certain rolls on quivers, reduce % spread of certain unique stats. Consolidate individual elemental damage types to global elemental damage on all gear. Jewelry should always roll with a socket or add 3 gem spots in cube. Modify drop rates for unique items for first playthrough of seasonal journey. Allow players to modify their seasonal themes. Apply GR and Bounty rewards mechanics to regular rifts. Modify pylons and shrines to proc monsters for rewards.