Quality of life buffs for the forgotten WD. (1200hr WD)

Just some simple things that I’m sure every witchdoctor would love.

  1. Don’t interrupt Book of Cain nor Town Portal (etc.) when coming out of angry chicken (from time expiring) and Spirit Walk.
  2. Off-hands have an option to add damage to any ability except angry chicken! (and not other slot for angry chicken 15% damage buff on gear exists either).
  3. Stacks from gruesome feast should work the same way that stacks from Soul Harvest work (refresh duration for each individual stack when new stack added). Currently each stack from gruesome feast has it’s own expiration timer (different timer per stack) and is not refreshed when you pick up another health globe. This makes the passive much much weaker than it could be. AND/OR increase stacks to max 10-15 AND/OR increase duration of the stacks 2x/3x. Also Healing Well could grant at least one stack!
  4. Four-piece set bonus for Zunimassa’s should work the same way that the new updated Lakumba’s ornament stacks do, so that you get majority of the damage reduction when you have only a couple fetishes, rather than being linear per fetish.
  5. Manajuma’s set bonus would be nice to include: (i) your Hex gains the Angry chicken Rune (so you can also have jinx etc.) and (ii) the chicken that spawn every second scales with CDR (either frequency or multiplier).
  6. Buff Quetzalcoatl so that it does damage in one third or one quarter the normal duration AND/OR let locust swarm work a few extra screens away from the WD. Currently distance is less than wizard/dh by a lot. Should instead be able to make use of Zei’s Stone.

Would be so AWESOME and yet would have no affect on leaderboards.