*QoL* Convert Death Breaths

I cannot be the only one who has 100,000+ Death Breaths & see no way of ever, EVER! using them up.

These are the only material in game that will never run out & potentially grow indefinitely, so I ask that we are given a “NEW” Recipe called “BREATH OF IBEN FAHD” to Convert Death Breaths x100 to either “Reusable Parts”, “Arcane Dust”, “Veiled Crystal”.

At least then with this new recipe it will give us incentive to continue to pick up DB’s because as of right now I just flat out ignore them which is odd in a ARPG game to even think that at some point you’d want to stop picking up “Materials/loot” in a game.


Breathflation about to go wild with Altar returning!

You don’t even get the choice of not picking up excess DBs as they’ll get picked up automatically by pet, and then doubled again!

Bounty Mats will become like that starting in Season 30. (Visions of Enmity)

Don’t you mean Forgotten Souls?

  1. Reusable Parts are easy to farm and you get a bunch for salvaging Common items.
  2. We have a Recipe for converting Mats to Arcane Dust and Veiled Crystals already.

Blizzard could also help out here by increasing the number of Forgotten Souls we receive from salvaging Legendary items from 1 to 3. Change salvaging Ancient items from 3 to 15. (Especially since we no longer get 15 Souls from salvaging Primal items).

I ignore Death’s Breaths anyway. My Follower has Sage’s equipped and with the Altar, my Pet picks them up for me.  


We should be able to either convert them to forgotten souls or receive a new recipe that uses them in big quantities.

Like an upgrade ancient to primal with same stats recipe, costing 250 Primordial Ashes and 10k Deaths Breath or something


Just give us something meaningful and useful to do with the Death Breaths beyond what is currently in the game. i.e. use x DBs to DETERMINISTICALLY improve a single stat on a piece of gear by Y points.