Public Group - Lazy Low levels and AFKERS on Xbox

When is something going to be done about these punks with low paragon coming into T16 public bounty groups and doing nothing ?

Yes I know I can switch to local and invite everyone back and continue but it’s so annoying. Please we need something to force public bounty groups to have some sort of unlocked feature in order to join so the system know they are capable of contributing.

Or at the very least a time out where if they haven’t moved in x amount of time the system will auto kick these people.

Probably never, even in D4.

There is already. You have to complete GR75 to join public T16 game.

What is “low paragon”?

Low paragon would be someone joining a public game under 400 paragon and in some cases under 500 which I’ve seen both. If you can’t carry your own weight, dont join a public bountry group. Why is this so hard?

Don’t know what you are complaining about… With an okay build and a couple 100 paragon you’re perfectly capable of doing T16 Bounties very quickly… You only want to play with other 2000+ players, that’s your problem…

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Make a group post instead. Don’t make public games. You can put in the description that they must be quick or will be kicked and join party chat, etc. whatever you want. Paragon does not equate to skill in this game. People can run T16 at only 400-500 easily as long as they have items for the build. Of course higher paragon is more desirable because they put time into the build and hopefully they built a decent speed build, but this isn’t always the case. 3k paragon is considered low paragon at this point in seasons even for console.

3k is low??? Seriously? Which % of players (not counting the ones that never reach 100 para) do you reckon get to 3k? Not a whole lot! Only the very dedicated and extremely enthousiastic players reach that level.

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I think I want to stalk games created by the OP just to hatch an egg in town while everyone else does everything else.

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