PTR will not load game

PTR game will not load/start.
log in to ptr, select character, start game, splash screen loads and then the spinning disc (wait). Requires a force quit of d3 due to “application not responding”. Regular games load and play without issue. I have been through troubleshooting guide, file delete, scan and repair, etc and issue persists. Playing on an imac, osx mojave, 10.14.6. Have never encountered this before and have played last and all previous ptrs.

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The PTR currently does not support Mac OS… there’s a topic here:

You should probably monitor the PTR Bug Report forum for updates.

Going to go ahead and close this since it’s related to the PTR and a known issue. Thanks for sharing, Boubou. Please refer to the #ptr-bug-report if you’d wish to discuss this further. Technical support is limited with assistance for PTR issues since it’s still in a testing phase, we only assist with the live version of the game client.