PTR WD Focused Feedback 2.7.1

Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is my feedback for WD from PTR testing.

Ethereals :

Ghost Flame:

Buffs Jade And Firebat Builds , suggest to add dual crit to the weapon as these builds still felt lackluster in dps or increase the secondary skills ethereal damage% bonus.


On testing Gidbinn was not buffing fetishes from belt of transcendence and passive skill fetish sycophants, which breaks LoD Carnevil build. Blue affix “Movement On Globes Bonus” Suggest to be changed to “Damage %10 -100 Scaling” Or “25% Damage Reduction On Hit” Also Gidbinn Has No Damage Roll.

Arioc’s Needle:

Buffs Zombie Bears And Spirit Barrage, feels decent and will bring SB back to its former glory and WD can be in 4 man push as trash buster etc. Finally ! :kissing_heart:



Zuni Carnevil build requires to drop all damage reduction gear to get any half decent dps for solo push. Suggest increase dmg reduction bonus from each fetish to 3.5% at 23 fetishes (80.5%DR) This will Help not getting 1 shotted in GR’s 120+

Zuni’s Mana Spender On hit to proc 6pt bonus for x seconds is outdated, suggest to be passive damage buff, this way the build will have a much better flow like the Lod Carnevil variant and stacking CDR not required for Piranhado and regain much needed Tank stats.


HT Zombie Bears needs more dps to be viable for endgame, Suggest increasing Off Hand Mojo Ursua’s Trodden Effigy from 150% to 600-700%.

General Feedback:

WD Toughness is very lackluster in today’s GR environment in every build.

Lakumba’s Ornament Bracer:

Needs a rework! , highly suggest a flat 60% DR Then 2-3% Per Soul Harvest Stack, this will bring wd toughness up to other classes already standard DR and will open other weapon options for wd than just always sacred harvester/Lakumba combo for a weak 60% DR.

Also will help on when the player dies to a RG and have 0% DR.

Pet Melee Dps:

WD Pet Melee dps is very lackluster in today game, even with the new gidbinn ethereal.

Fan Favourites builds Zuni Garg / HT Garg / Lod Variants are very weak in todays game GR environment.

Mask Of Jeram:

MoJ Dps is far too low , suggest to massively boost pet dps% and add legendary affix from necromancers “Bone Ringer” to MoJ. This will make Pets viable for the endgame.

Ring Of Emptiness:

Roe does not affect pets, maybe time to enable this so melee pets can dps?

What do you guys think?


tony x


agreed. imho sacred/lakumba is getting OLD. And I NEED my gargs! ty blizz <3

Totally agree pal! These are changes that will bring WD back in the game!

S23 was the first time I tried zombie bears. I liked them. They have awful collision rules though, like grass blocking the onslaught so first I’d say “only block bears with walls” but that is not a power but a general change.

Otherwise, Lakumba’s definitely needs a change with other damage mitigation being available, as its quite tiresome to require the same 2-3 pieces of gear regardless of build.

Just woke up so not processing the rest yet.

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Also agreed. And WDs need more toughness items. They could also buff the DR on Coils of the First Spider, add DR on Jerams Bracer, and make Band of Hollow Whispers sinergies whit, haunt runes, coresponding passives and items, maybe also give DR to it too.

I also think it would be good to buff/change Coils and Jeram’s, tho I’m not sure about loading so much of the WD’s defensive power onto them (i.e. all bracer slot). Belt of Transcendence for example, which doesn’t really need to exist given the near-identical class passive, would be a good spot for it for some builds.

I really would rather have it reworked again to be limited to DoT effects, with the resulting (and remaining) holes filled in some other ways.

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Coils for Arachyr, Jerams for Hell Tooth. Transcendence helps building up DR faster on Zuni.

As I said, WD has a class passive that’s nearly identical. It would objectively be better to buff that and use it instead, and do something new with Belt. You wouldn’t actually be losing anything. Turning Jeram’s Bracers into DR is what would kill something we might still be able to work with.

Well my tought on Jeram was that it gives 2 free cast of Wall of Death, so it could give 20% DR per cast up to 80% or something, on top if the 2 free casts.

What if Tanscednedce buffs all pet damage when useing a mana spender?

Defiantly agree. Need WD stronger to be competing with the rest of the builds and to make it to be able to play in 4 man groups.

Spirit of Arachyr
2) Set:
Summon a permanent Spider Queen who leaves behind webs that deal 4000% weapon damage over 5 seconds and Slows enemies. The Spider Queen is commanded to move to where you cast your Corpse Spiders.
(4) Set:


Hex gains the effect of the Toad of Hugeness rune. After summoning a Toad of Hugeness, you gain 80% damage reduction and heal for 10% of your maximum Life per second for 15 seconds.

For the Arachyr set I envisioned another take on the 4p power.

4p: Casting Hex reduces your damage taken by 60%, you heal for 10% of your maximum Life per second for 15 seconds and your Toad of Hugeness croaks damaging every enemy in 10 yards for 5000% weapon damage. Toad of Hugeness is now permanent, it doesn’t swallow enemies anymore, but attacks enemies now with it’s tongue dealing 2000% damage. *Toad of Hugeness should benefit of attack speed, Plague of Toad skill damage, Plague of Toad multipliers if added and pet dmg multipliers.

(6) Set:
The damage of your creature skills and Spider Queen is increased by 17,500%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Locust Swarm, Hex, and Piranhas. *Just a little change to make a (Corpse)Spider build viable.

The Spider Queen’s Grasp
Corpse Spiders deal 200% more damage and releases a web on impact that Slows enemies by 60-80%. Corpse Spiders deals tripple that damage against enemies on webs. *So the 200% increases to 600% against enemies on webs.

Living Umbral Oath
You have now 3 permanent Spider Queens that produce Leaping Spiders that attacks where you cast your Corpse Spider skill. Corpse Spider damage is increased by 75-150%. *Note that this Spider Queens are different from the one of the 2p set.

Opinion to your suggestions. I don’t think RoE should work with pets. But Lakumbas really should be changed to get 60-80% Damage Reduction for 8 seconds after you cast Soul Harvest, Horrify or Spirit Walk.

I agree with all your recommendations. I would also like to see a little more running speed for the WD. I can not keep up with Sorcs and Demon Hunters!

WD has pretty good speed imo with Soul To Waste, Horrify/Rachel’s and Spirit Walk. Surprisingly, they’re even 4 man dps viable this season, but I agree that they need to fix Lakumbas to provide static toughness.
The collision issues with Zombie Bears is a huge problem with the build. Almost anything: stairs, waller, trees/landscape will cause the bears to not hit. It’s also a bit slow and clunky, but with a damage boost it could be a good push build.
WD could definitely use some love.

The problem for me is always the fact that many different FUN abilities that the WD has aren’t being utilized. Like BDD says, boost some unused items and make other things fun and viable again. Acid Rain, Zombie Bears, etc. Also toughness is always an issue as well. We are always tied to using Sacred Harvester and Lakumbas to stay alive at higher GR’s, not to mention socketing gems for additional armor. (I don’t know about you but I HATE grinding Paragon for more stats and VIT)

I totally agree on the DR issues Witch Doctors have been facing. Especially in the game’s current state.
The combination of Sacred Harvester and Lakumba’s bracer is no longer enough to sustain the high GRs incoming damage. Plus in case of a death, Witch Doctors need to be near a pool of enemies to regather the lost stacks (not possible when facing a non-add spawning Rift Guardian).
So my suggestion would be to either increase the percentage of the bracer to 8 - thus achieving an 80% DR like most classes do - , though it does not solve the issue of a possible death, or give it a flat out Damage Reduction range , maybe 60% - 80%. That way the farming for a better/ optimal bracer should continue.

As far as some set changes are concerned, I would suggest the following:

Zunimassa’s Haunt

Give it a Flat DR like with most sets, retaining the current ‘‘per fetish’’ bonus. That way the class should be able to withstand a hit when facing an enemy.
Also, for the dps prerequisite, I would say it is a bit outdated and quite clunky. Maybe it could be changed to something like ‘‘damage per active fetish increases by X amount - caps out to X’’

Helltooth Harness

The 6-piece damage buff should be increased, in order for the set to be on par with the rest.

And a touch on Witch Doctor pet dps:

I would implement a weapon, which would buff all pet DPS by a range of 300% - 400% (maybe change the affix of an already existing one that is not being used) and maybe re-program the Ring of Emptiness so that it affects pets as well.

Thanks for your awesome work!!!

See you all in Sanctuary :heartpulse:

So much this, i made a few suggestions for how they could address it in my thread here

A Desperate Plea For Some Witch Doctor Love - PTR Feedback - Diablo 3 Forums (

Most popular idea was:

For a more satisfying(in my opinion) buff to Lakumbas, make it grant a flat 80% damage reduction while you have at least 1 stack of Soul Harvest, this would also eliminate the need to use sacred harvester in every build, which imo would be a massive improvement

Have made this suggestion in several PTRs but so far it’s fallen on deaf ears, just hope that we get SOMETHING… WD feels abandoned lately

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BigDaddyDen has always been a strong voice for WD and I see this thread is no exception. As many others have said I also agree.

Berronax’s thread also gets love.