PTR Raekor changes incoming

Band of might, ignore pain, warcry, stormshield, 30% from sword & board, relentless, gogok.

Well, none of those preclude using Crimson, which would give you still better (much better) defense.

The only defensive configuration I can think of that R6 can use and Crimson can’t is wear PoC, Stone Gauntlets in cube.

I like the focus/restraint style gameplay more. not a big fan of endless walk unless you are very stationary.

Fair enough! It is definitely a good setup also.

But: not tougher, generally speaking.

Easier to not die i think and to stay about 50% life. There’s a micro second before relentless kicks in & without band of might its ouch city. Its not my ideal build, i was mostly goofing around. Trying to keep life low so i get the AS % bonus from r6.

Wait… are you under the impression that the Crimson setup doesn’t use Band of Might?

Because, that is definitely not true! The two best ring/ammy setups for Crimson are:

BoM + CoE + RoRG + Squirt


BoM + RoRG + EW

Both give a little bit more damage than a F+R setup. More toughness, too, UNLESS you are using F+R with PoC (worn) and Stone Gauntlets (cube). That’s the only F+R version with any sort of superior toughness potential.

Unless they add some serious built-in mitigation for this set, it is unlikely that any setup for this build, at any paragon level, will drop BoM.

Yeah not a big fan of crimson & bom w/o coe. Squirts, bom & coe maybe. EW & coe if you are good at occulus camping.

edit - tried the EW/BoM thing. good damage. still feels squishier thou for some reason. On live my new favorite spec will be whatever RNGejus gives me. :wink:

The simplest solution is doing it like D2, allow heal and resource number to be displayed in the globe.

Endless Walk set + BoM + Stone Gauntlet + Cassius + 2 skills just for survivability.
Dang this is bad. The set’s totally glassy.
What about using Parthans instead of Stone Gauntlet?

after doing captains and EW, I went back to R6. Focus/restraint, pride of cassius/stonegaunlet, etc and lvled up the leaderboard without any fishing. I am trying to stay under 1000 paragon. Most of the builds are really good. If you know how to play they all work. I would just suggest going with whatever RNG blesses you with.

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Yep, that’s good advice. Or, just going by personal preference will probably make more difference, in most cases, than any actual power difference. There’s a rarely-mentioned “I like this build” bonus that is probably worth about 3 GRs!

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Is it worth crafting a legendary spear at season start?


You’ve got a 2/3 chance of getting a weapon that gives you up to +200% damage. So the odds there are basically the same as when crafting a 2H Mighty Weapon (4/6 of these give a big damage buff). But the spears don’t give as big a damage buff (200% for spears vs 500% for FotVP, 800% for Gavel + Tribes, and 1000% for Bastion’s). And two of those 2H MWs also combine with easy-to-get bracers (Destruction and First Men) for another big buff.

So, spears are probably not worth it for leveling.