PTR Raekor changes incoming

Honestly more effort than I was expecting. RIP hopes of Vile Charge, though.

Wondering how you’ll know when you topped out with the new +200 fury cap? Mouse hovering over the globe seems pretty inelegant.

1 to 1.5 seconds I guess.

It’s pretty fun. I was hitting almost 400 fury with animosity. The weapon throw is FAST. Great for stacking stricken. Charge is just an optional movement skill now. I took out pride of cassius and put in witching hour. Double down on the glass cannon, lol.

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Can you now play MotE Seismic Slam - Rumble with Arreat’s Law? Maybe not I guess. The AS is missing to refill the Fury fast enough. Or in MotE - Earthquake to cast manually more Earthquakes.

One more skill to deal damage. Why keep the 1000% for charge damage with no vile charge. Why buff the damage of wt when it’s just another buff for ancient spear.
Locked to boulder toss for pushing rune.

When WT takes you above your “base” maximum- 150, 162, whatever- you can see your Fury bubble drop a little. It’ll do this several times.

Basically, WT seems to “unlock” a new segment of Fury bubble, in several stages. Once you’ve entered the next “segment” you can actually fill the bubble the rest of the way with other forms of Fury generation (Charge, shouts, etc).

Starting with a Fury bubble of max 150 (100 base + 50 paragon) I saw 4 additional segments, that cap out at 200, 250, 305, and 350.


after playing a bit, the WT comes into play very much so. Instead of charging to get stacks, im charging into occulus rings and using WT and AS and it feels like an actual weapon throw build

So this means we don’t need to do the irritating wallbanging anymore? We can just weapon throw to build up huge fury and whack them with a big rock?

Right. Wall banging is now optional.


The boss fight is better : Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.3 Barbarian New Raekor v2 boss fight GR 136 - YouTube

Survival is horrible …

Ofc. they listened to the most awful choice there was. No vile charge, no stand alone wt build.
No toughness. Needs another skill on bar for single target fights. Bummer

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Indeed we lose War Cry :frowning:

I found a setup that suits me and just made a 137. I’m uploading the video. 6p Raekor / Cassius Pride / Skular’s Salvation / Endless Walk / CoE / 2 Spears of this build / Cube: Oathkeeper / Stone Gauntlets / Band of Might


I didnt like stone gauntlets. I always died before getting 5 stacks (hard to get when you freeze everything).

Watched the run. Good clear.

Having said that, this just confirms to me that my Raekor gear will remain unused in my non-seasonal Stash as that’s a gameplay style I still don’t like the look of, regardless of how powerful it ends up being.


Agreed. I’ve been trying to like Raekors on PTR but it still does nothing for me. I might try it as a WT build in seasons.

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I love the build. Just wait until people figure out how to play it. Obviously some people here do but I mean the general playerbase.

Unpopular opinion incoming: it’s OK that Raekor is squishy, since it’s likely to be the strongest.

Hear me out. It’s good that builds have strengths and weaknesses. There should be some sort of balance between all of our sets, beyond just pure power.

I don’t disagree with you. I do argue that there’s a fine line, though, and I’m not sure if the new iteration of R6 toes too closely to “ultra glassy.” Then again, I haven’t tested it, and it’s unlikely I’ll find the time to return to D3 and play it in the near future.

It is glassy without help. Then again, I always try focus/restraint and coe instead of bom if and whenever possible, lol. Non-season, 5K+ paragon with augs it felt fine. At sub 1000 in season it’s difficult. Less armor, less stuff to work with. This might be a build you play late in the season once you get some paragons under the hood. A lot of us zbarb, so the gear will roll in, along with xp. Early pushing and leaderboard status is fleeting and more for the people who play 2 weeks and quit.

I broke down the major damage—> toughness tradeoffs you can make here.

Collectively it gets you nearly 90% extra mitigation, which is a ton, more than any set bonus, but costs you 8-9 GRs worth of damage, which is also a ton.

I am personally not fundamentally against this state of affairs, but be aware that this will probably produce some rather extreme distortions on the leaderboard. Low paragon players will suffer an additional -9 GR penalty on top of the -9-ish GR penalty they’ve already got vs some player with 10k paragon. So now we’re looking at nearly a 20 tier difference.