PTR Notes 2.6.6


Attention Barbs: MOBILIZE AND BE HEARD: Hold on. Pause. Excuse me?


Other classes got no balancing too. So I guess proposed barb changes are coming when devs come up with something for the rest of the classes and figure out how to make sure wiz and necro are still overpowered.
New legendary powers look interesting.


They’re useless for our builds: Hold on. Pause. Excuse me?


There is, however, one very good takeaway to be had: They created some brand new items and gems for this patch.

So, if Barbs are addressed down the road, we do have reason to believe that we’ll receive some new items that actually address our concerns.

That doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed in the current patch notes. Let’s be honest: There is, once again, nothing here for Barbs.


I’ve been theorycrafting in my head already some way to use mortick’s and echoing fury in the cube for a ww t16 build. idk if it would still have enough damage in the end compated to a dh or monk.


Heck no it won’t.

Mortick’s doesn’t offer damage since we already take Insanity. EF won’t offer damage, either. The point of T16 is to kill things quickly, not build stacks of attack speed.

The problem is, and always has been, damage.

A few of these items might make their way into speed-farming builds, but even then they won’t be buffs so much as lateral item choices.

For Zodiac WW, you could take Executioner in the Cube, but is it better than Furnace? Not if you have to make multiple passes to kill an elite. Better than In-geom? Not if you have the damage to kill things quickly.

BTW, on the topic of Mortick’s, here is exactly what it’s going to offer us by build:

Zodiac WW: Could replace PoC and Ignore Pain, but only if we wear it vs Parthans. Even then, there’s no other good skill to put on the bar (because there’s no good supporting legendaries to support our skills). So, at best, we’ll assign the slot to Falter or Spring and use it for speed-farming.

We won’t use it for pushing because we can’t give up the damage from Mantle in the Cube and Parthans offers more mitigation.

IK HOTA: It can replace Aquila in the Cube, but so what? 50% DR for 50% DR? It’s better than Aquila, but only because it’s more consistent.

R6 HOTA: Won’t use it since the build doesn’t maintain perma-Wrath and can’t give up the better mitigation offered by Aquila (or the DPS of Magefist).

Vile Charge: Parthans offers better DR for pushes, so it’s not likely to be used except in speed-farming.

Fire/Physical EQ: Won’t use it since the builds have low uptime on Wrath. Besides, these builds are already tanky.

Our minor builds? None of them have perma-Wrath.

LON builds? They’ll have to take Boon, 50% CDR, and possibly Messerschmidt’s in the Cube. But if you have 50% CDR, why not just take IP and wear PoC for the exact same bonus?

Point is, Mortick’s offers us nothing of substance.

Hold on. Pause. Excuse me?
I'm legitimately surprised
Mortick's Bracers (notes from 2.6.6 PTR)

I was under the impression there wasn’t enough time to do Barbarians last patch, but that they would receive love this patch.

Mortick’s Brace seems inadequate to achieve this.


You breaking it all out like that is true. Only thing I was thinking is more attack speed=more damage ticks but like I originally said would it truly be enough for fast t16 key farming or bounties.

zBarb may be able to make use of a couple of the items but again those benefits will be minimal.

Yeah Mortick’s would of been nice with say a buff to damage for the WW set to achieve true t16 key farming at a speed and the amount of damage other classes can do. At this rate I’ll still be leveling a dh and/or monk next season to perform certain tasks since they are more efficient that strugglebusing through it with a barb.



Not even close.


Agree! Mortick is not even a buff. Just an option. While you guys spent a lot of time on it, they told you “ don’t provide me any solutions“ in the patch note. I know maybe this is not community manager’s fault, but really this kills our patience.


That’s putting it mildly, 007.

I don’t see a single change here that might introduce a new build. The Executioner might have zDPS applications. Flavor of Time is neat. Motick’s is back. That’s cool. We’re done.

I did warn you barbs not to get your expectations up, but even this…contempt…catches even me by surprise.


MOTE6-IK4 Seismic slam build may utilize mortics instead of BoD or Fury shoulders. The items solves DR and LpF problems of slow hitting IKBB. However, I am not very sure about the cost of damage loss/gain. Maybe onecan drop Fury shoulders from the cube and use Mortics. Then CoA can use fury rune. DR loss would be compensated by Mortics. However at best, it will probably catch up to ProSlam


So I test some ww speed runs using the new items. I slotted mortiks and witching hour with echoing fury in the cube. It felt really good. Although I would like there to be a buff indicator for the fury buff. After 7 runs its around a 7-8 rift buff at least for super fast speed runs in the 100 range.


Yeah, not an attractive trade-off. Pointless, in a way. It doesn’t really address the problem of not dealing enough damage.


That’s not a good time. Ideal runs are going to be 2-4 minutes, tops, or the content is too difficult.

As predicted, this isn’t really going to cut it.

Edit: Wait, I think I read your post wrong.

Mortick’s + EF is not worth 7-8 rifts of damage. No way. Witching Hour helps since Mortick’s handles the DR and makes you tankier, but the attack speed buff isn’t worth that much damage.

Regardless, 3k Paragon and speeding 100 isn’t even in the ballpark of A) other builds, and B) other classes.


Your correct Free. I did a 100 in 5:34 first attempt. Im normally running 90 in 3 minutes. You are correct that it isn’t in the ballpark of other builds and this doesn’t change anything for medium to true pushes. I don’t know what to tell on on the fact that you don’t think these changes makes up for 7-8 rift range. It sure felt like it.


The myth of Mortick’s, courtesy of Rage and I:

Mortick’s Reintroduced



Oh boy… I am hyped now :slight_smile:

Thanks Blizzard!


This is disappointing on its face, and even more disappointing that it’s not a surprise…


Big time disappointment.

Especially when you consider that our List 1 buffs are simple values adjustments to existing items. They could have done that while they work on more complicated changes, and there isn’t a single Barb who would have complained. We would have been ecstatic!

Instead, we got zip.