PTR Loading Problem for MAC

Hello, I am currently having trouble getting in the PTR. I did all the instructions on the patch notes regarding the S22 PTR. So I logged in live game then logged out went to the PTR noticed my PTR copy was from last season so I clicked on “PTR copy” for this season then went back out relogged on PTR and got to character selection screen where you choose your character then I when I tried loading one of my chosen characters it just gets stuck on the loading screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated please help me get a fix I just wanna be able to test the PTR thanks!

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Stickied posts in the PTR Bug Report, PTR Feedback and General Discussion forums all say…

MacOS Client Update : At the moment, PTR 2.6.10 currently does not support MacOS client users. We are looking into this issue and will provide updates to you as they come in. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

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Going to go ahead and close this since it’s related to the PTR and a known issue. Thanks for sharing, Meteorblade. Technical support is limited with assistance for PTR issues since it’s still in a testing phase. We only assist with the live version of the game client.