PTR is ridiculously easy

If not nerfed the upcoming 28 season will be a joke. Too easy, massive nerf needed asap.


I don’t think so. In the S28, we should let noobs with low paragon be able to pass the GR150 solo.S28 should be a carnival season for all players.
In the S28, it should be a GR150 fast clear carnival. The season buff is stronger, the more popular it is. For example, the strongest season theme is S25, the lords of hell,so it is the most popular season,The theme of that season received the greatest praise.


So it may be over powered but I am all for the crazy. Not to mention on the PTR it was easy because pretty much everything needed for seals dropped from the blood shard dealer and it took an hour tops to complete the Altar.

In the actual season, for the majority of players it is not going to be nearly as fast to complete, relying heavily on RNG for quite a few things will really slow down progression.

I can easily see many people never being able to complete the Altar due to bad RNG and not having time to make the game into their full time job so they won’t be able to farm enough to get things like the Staff of Herding materials.

Staff of Herding, Never Ending Questions and Primordial Ashes will all seriously slow down progression on the Altar. And if people can’t get past certain requirements for the seals they wont get all the perks and it won’t be super crazy out of control power. Not everyone will be able to make the most of the Altar.


The PTR has multiple bugs S2N6 and 3x overpowered conduit spawns.

Also, the red helm gem will not exist in S28 that resets potion cooldowns.

There is also necro leech - blood flask that likely will be addressed.

After these are fixed, S28 power will be far less.


Bro I litterally cannot wait to have some fun with a seasonal theme.


Except the Wizard which is just totally busted without potions.

Where’s the fun in a season if you reach GR150 in 10 days ? This patch is dogs***t, it needs a huge nerf on potion-pilons bonus (in my opinion Blizzard should completely cancel that bonus) or after 7 days it will be a complete boredom. Sad.

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“This patch is dogs***t”

That’s a pretty harsh and irrational opinion there. This season is allowing casual players to really engage the game more than they could before. Just because you can no life the game opening weekend and unlock the alter doesn’t mean a lot of other players wont be enjoying the extra steps to completion. As far as the potion powers being OP, of course they are going to address it, thats what the PTR is for.


No dude is not irrational is the opposite, a game is good if it’s challenging, what’s the point on let everybody win easly ? A casual player is autodefined by itself, not all the games are meant to be beaten by casual players or they stop to be casual and the game loses its dignity and credibility. So far the patch is a disaster (to be less harsh).

Well, the good news is that Devs only listen to a handful of streamers, because it’s impossible to tell how much anyone actually plays. It’s like asking for medical advice on 4chan and have whole lot of “anonymous” claiming to be a doctor. It’s not helpful.

Devs are trying to balance this game for “solo GR130”, and we got idiots with 1000 paragon offering advice. It’s just noise. I’ve been in meetings like that, eventually you just shut everyone off. At least streamers are vested.

Oh right so let’s close PTR Feedback forum tread, Devs opened it just to make fun on us :smiley:

Do you feel like they’re listening? Rax or Wudi send a list, bunch of stuff get implemented. Meanwhile, how many posts “buff WD pls” are we gonna have?

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I admit you got a point here, they stop to listen everybody a long time ago. Sad. But you know the hope is the last to die. So i tried

You’re acting like for the average player, unlocking the entire alter is going to be eaay. The difference between a casual player and an “elite” player isn’t skill, and if you think it is you’re delusional. Clearing a 110 at 600 paragon is just as difficult as clearing a 150 at 4000. Just because you grinded out paragon and rerolled more doesnt make you a better player, it just means you play more.

You do realize these people spent the same amount of money on this game as you did. You aren’t owed a title or more say in how the game is made than those “idiots”.


I get both sides of things, the side of lettings it be an OP season let’s everyone beat 150 GRs easy, get great gear easy, etc so that there can be a feel of “completion” before D4.

On the flip side anyone who has played for a long time and worked hard to get the Plevel they have and gear they have would feel a bit cheated. Not that blizzard hasn’t done this multiple times before.

The problem I have is it feels like they WANT us to get bored of the game after this season, they WANT to make the game feel like it’s over, they WANT long term players to feel like that long grind was useless just so we buy D4 and move on. Only downside to that is blizzard has been sliding down a slippery slope, it went from a company that was known for great games to (cough Activision cough) cash cow mentality.

Who knows, maybe D4 will be amazing and this season will be a great end to D3, maybe they will announce a huge nerf to the season, maybe D4 is a dumpster fire and this season just adds sprinkles to the trash cake, maybe Microsoft does buy Blizzard and turns this all around, maybe they make it worse! Who knows.

Imagine reaching all end goals in 1 week… Jeej thats going to be a fun week season… Rofl…
Diablo is a game to grind and not to be able to beat the game within a week.
Id rather see huge nerfs incoming to tone this game down… I remember the addicition when it was just rifts… Grinded 600 hours to find a wand of woh… That was my goal… After i reached my goal i stopped playing. The same will happen but within a week.

That’s the point man, easy is not equal to funny, but it’s equal to boring. I didn’t see any corrective patch so far and the PTR is over. Blizzard seasons now last like 5 months, very funny doing pointless GRs at 150 for 3 months in line without any other scope than doing the GR itself… I can’t understand ppl are claiming “wooow so funny playing OP”… meh ! But yes, Diablo 3 has already been ruined for quite some time now so i won’t be surprised if no nerf will come. Will see…

This might be true. I don’t see the more well-known streamers posting ideas in here. I want to think they have a more direct way of submitting their testing information. I could be wrong.
Sorry GreenLobstar, not trying to mimic you. I stopped at the quoted post and replied only to find out the very next post was similar, lol.

Yeah, that is sort of the point so the developer can collect and collate data on just how easy which makes pinpointing the fix more like Lasik surgery and not a MASH triage where mud works better than blood.