PTR feedback, QOL on future PTR and game

Hi everybody,

PTR global feedback :

QOL changes for PTRs in the future :

many mats are dropping in the surprise pack but :

  • as we have plenty of bounty mats, we have no plans and are forced into bounties wich is one of the worst part of the game. Thus we can craft our Auguild/Crimson etc…

  • as we need to reroll jewelery, the only gem we’ve got is a flawless royal emerald. It’s OP to DPS but we also need plenty of imperial gems of all types. Then we craft puzzle rings and upgrade to ancient to farm goblins.

  • as we have a crazy DPS in general starting on PTR, we have no toughness with ridiculous paragon level. We want to farm efficiently t16 as quick as possible with the huge combo avarice band (jewelry pack)/goldwrap (armament pack) and… boon of the hoarder wich we can’t find in a bag nor GR. Then we craft yellow rings tu upgrade to a puzzle ring to loot this gem.

As a conclusion, i think the vendor should sell :

  • plans for gems and crafting in the surprise pack,

  • stacks of 10/20/50 imperial gems. Less if you have each type, more if you have only one type. We gonna buy lots of it, so types/quantity are not important, there existence is ! In the surprise pack too (?)

  • a puzzle ring in the jewelry pack.

QOL changes for the game in the future :

Right now even casual players like me (2-3k max gons each season, more or less) have plenty of mats. Even more since the huge buff to followers (Sage !). So we can do plenty of craft via Kanai’s cube, lot more than when you introduced it. I think time has come to include options in the cube for some recipes as we are stuck in town in front of this cube for hours for each character each season :

  • recipe 1 (extracting power) : no changes needed

  • recipe 2 (extracting power) : needs a change but difficult to stop automaticly the reforges when an ancient/primal is crafted wich we almost all want.

  • recipe 3 (upgrading rare) : one of the worst for time spent. The change could be : we put an item in the cube and the recipe is aplied to all items of the same type in our inventory. Or we should have an option to select how many crafts we want (as we see at Haedrig’s).

  • recipe 4 : (set conversion) : only used at season start few times. No time waste on this recipe, no changes needed.

  • Recipe 5 (required level) : No time waste on this recipe, no changes needed.

  • recipe 6 : (gem conversion) : we should have an option to select how many crafts we want as we see at Shen’s. Let’s stay with (9×n) stacks for each essence used.

  • recipes 7/8/9 (mats conversion) : as we have thousands of each including DBs, it’s time to upgrade to 1000 mats/10DBs each recipe.

  • recipe 10 (caldesann) : no changes needed.

I’m probably forgetting things but these were important to me.
Have a nice day all.


A new recepie to change mainstat on items, so we don’t need alt chars, to farm/reroll/reforge for different followers. Or have an option to select type of main stat when crafting at blacksmith.


For single stat players like myself, this is a nice suggestion. I only play Int classes so I’m basically forced into using Enchantress for all my characters. It’s not a huge deal because Enchantress is relatively good now, but the option to choose a follower without having to make an alt to farm the gear would be nice.


This part isn’t even as bad as you might think, either. Since you can just make a level 1 alt and roll the mainstat to another mainstat based on the alt you made.

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It’s tedious. Find item for templar whit wizz for example. Put item into the stash-> leave the game-> switch to strenght character-> start the game-> grab item from stash-> reroll/re forge for mainstat-> put item back to stash-> leave game-> switch character-> start game-> grab item from stash-> equip on follower. It’s a nightmare.

It almost takes you longer to write out that process than to actually do that in game though. xD

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Yes it did :rofl: never the less most people don’t want to leave their current game and progression just to reroll for a diffrent stat. And we are talking about QoL changes soooo…

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I think having the option of enchanting our gear, all or singular pieces, with ANY amount of stat we want and change our paragon to whatever we want. I don’t know how someone makes a testing realm and makes half of it hard to attain. Testing would go a lot more smoothly if we could change these values. You want to know what a paragon 5,000 is going to do with that set? How the heck do we test that if we don’t have 5,000 paragon? I also don’t want to spend 100 hours on PTR to test lvl 150 enchants.

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Optimally a testing environment would have that. That’s a lot of power to give the players, though, and that’s not something big developers tend to do. Plus there are interface and coding issues to consider so it would take resources to implement.

I do agree that the PTR for Diablo is in a strange place where the players are seemingly tasked, by design or otherwise, to do a task they are ill equipped for. That’s very frustrating.

They should simply make a category like seasonal and non seasonal called “Elective” that way, people have the option of controlling everything. Well, everything that we would be capable of controlling. It really wouldn’t be all that difficult. That way they have a more organic environment and a controlled environment as well.

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PTR should remove difficulty requirements to unlock.

This was my first PTR. I did not copy a character as I wanted to see the entire process, not skip it.

After finding an Ethereal I could equip, I wanted to up the difficulty to Torment I at least. I could not as I had not yet beaten the Campaign (or even played it.) I then gave up and will not waste my time.

Probably won’t get done even though this would easily encourage more usage of the PTR and expedite testing by a ton. Also, in the “Elective” mode, your leaderboard spot should always be overwritten every time you finish a grift, so if you want to leave a 5k paragon on the board rather then a 20k paragon, you can do that. At least say, “Would you like to overwrite your previous record?”

I only have one request that all plans are made available and unlock them with leveling the NPC.

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