PTR Ethereal drops, personal numbers

Finally got around to compiling this… sorry for not sharing earlier. Not counting ethereals from Djank, here are what my ethereal drops looked like. I played 6 classes, no necro and got to paragon 1600 on the PTR.

Ethereal drops of normal ethereals, non-ancient:

I leveled 2 different toons from 1-70 Solo, self found. The DH did Nephalem rifts and found 14 ethereals before lvl 70. The monk did a mix of bounties and massacre chaining and found 9. Did not think to do vaults on either, unfortunately.

Ancient ethereals:

I did not keep track of individual class play time, but reached about the same paragon as I would if I played a whole season kinda casually and found just over 400 ethereals. 117 of these in 23 ancient vaults. I found 2 necro ethereals, both in ancient vaults, even though I did not play a necro.

I don’t know what the increased drop rate is for each of these activities, but have heard its like 20x in PTR outside of greater rifts? Of course, xp is also hugely boosted. Hope this data helps somewhat.

Now it would be nice to know, how much Blizz has risen the drop rate during PTR to learn, how droprates could be during Season 24.

edit: 2.000% magic find is the answer, I guess.

I wish I had really thought about trying to do this myself…Tryin to keep track of how many Ethereals I get. This PTR it would have been fairly easy as well since all you had to do was grind GRifts, not having to run NRIfts to farm keys. But instead I zoned out and spend mostly all my shards on bag of fortune trying to find that perfect Ethereal Buriza…I ended PTR with about 5000 keys I think.

I had made a post before, asking for the Ethereal drop rate to be normalized (as such it would be on live server), without the inflated drop rate…So people could really test the droprate %. Which nobody has any idea if the D3 Team actually did this or not. But I suspect Ethereals had an increased drop rate as well on PTR…

Unfortunately, nobody was really able to gauge what the actual drop rate feels like in order to give feedback if it’s too high or too low. I suspect there’s going to be alot of disgruntled seasonal players (especially casuals)…As I feel the drop rate is going to be too low. Primarily in trying to find a good/useable one to be competitive with.

Not counting the bag, which I bought one of, in the roughly 1-2 hours I played PTR, I found 8 Ethereals. The character was brand new, never been in a season or PTR before. I gave up when I found I had to complete the campaign to increase difficulty as that was just pointless. Anyway, the character was almost level 45.