[PTR] Cube Recipe #11 still without warning

Cube Recipe #11 (Curiosity of Lorath Nahr), the one that turns a legendary into a primal, still has no warning about inability to equip more than one such converted primal at a time.


Why should it?
You don’t get a warning when you craft gems and have no items with sockets equipped either.

Because we’re sick of seeing reports of being unable to equip primals in the Bug Report forum from people have no idea that a hero can only have one of these crafted primals equipped at a time. This misreporting was prevalent in the season in which the recipe was introduced and people didn’t read the patch notes. Now that it’s not even in the patch notes, but the recipe still exists, even more reports will come in unless the recipe text explicitly states the restriction.


Think it need no in bugs but in the feedback.

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It’s a bug. Missing Feature. Proper Text Description of Cube Recipe.

We’ve been asking Blizzard for this ever since the Recipe was added.

All they have to do is something like this:


Of course not. Gems are used for more than just inserting into socketed items.

  1. Crafting Jewelry.
  2. Enchanting Jewelry.
  3. Augmenting Ancient and Primal items.

But, if a player is unaware that only 1 crafted Primal item can be equipped at a time, they are liable to waste Primordial Ashes crafting items they cannot equip. And it takes 2 salvaged Primal items to craft 1 Primal item.

That doesn’t take into account the Primordial Ashes that will be needed to unlock an Altar Seal. I don’t know about other players. But, some Seasons, I might find a half a dozen Primal items, counting my guaranteed drop. And, some Seasons, I might not find any, except my guaranteed drop.

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