[PTR] Challenge rift gives no cache

Challenge rift on PTR gives no cache. Combined with no cache from PTR vendor, the Altar progression is blocked.

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I also did the Challenge rift too.
No Cache.
Logged out, then in again, and now the challenge rift is locked.

CR cache reward is bugged… tool tip error Missing! 3333334

There was some server restart a few minutes ago, Challenge Rift is enabled again, but it still does not provide the cache upon completion.

EDIT: Must’ve been another small update a few minutes back, because CR now gives the cache.

sooooo the alter is looking for a challenge rift cache…which is not available at all…um. Hey Blizz…it needs to be in the bonus bag you purchase if you want us to test this out with full alter…

Confirmed, got the cache too.

Yeah, I got the cache from the challenge rift as well and I accidentally opened it, thinking I was moving it to the stash. Can’t get another one, even PTR copy does not reset the challenge rift. So I guess I am done testing. Well, the altar part, at least.