PTR 2.7.7 thoughts and suggestions

My general D3 suggestions here -

My PTR 2.7.7 thoughts added to the list:

17 - When you are at the altar, right-clicking the challenge rift cache should be disabled. Right-clicking items to put them into the thing you are looking at is a very common and normal part of Diablo 3. There are some people who right click the cache, thinking it will be moved into the altar, but are instead left with the cache contents on the floor, along with their smile.

18 - Vision of Enmity portals should have arrows of the same colour (blue) pointing towards them on the map. Yellow arrows conflict with yellow bounty arrows.

19 - It would be nice for embers to have a unique icon on the map like the soul shards do. Constantly scouring the screen reading for the word ‘Consumable’ isn’t fun and tires the eyes.

20 - ‘Warning’ message when you unlock double primals at the altar. Warning? Be careful, a second primal may drop on your head? Is a ‘warning’ message something you get as a reward for something?

21 - Vision of Enmity portals’ method of appearing doesn’t feel right - run around and hope one appears. Would it be more fun if the portals were a reward for something? Like a killstreak? 500 killstreak in a party or 250 solo? You could also make killstreaks work between party members. A killstreak reward would also tie in nicely with the killstreak node on the altar.

22 - Double primals at the altar would work well with my suggestion #11. Primordial ashes quickly pile up but we can only spend them on converting an ancient into a primal, which quickly becomes tired after we already have most the converted primals we need. As a result, newly-found primals quickly begin to lose their excitement. Having the ability to spend primordial ashes on rerolling a primal would bring the excitement back to newly-found primals and would be fun.