PTR 2.7.6 - Missing Journey Journal

I completed season Solo Soul Found. I decided to play regular season on WD and Journal still worked for for chapters. Here’s where I may have confused it. I finished acta 1 and 2 but did not do Act 5 bounty for act 3. However, I checked and was trying to finish all season requirements and thought I did. But the chat channel showed Chap 3, Chap 4, Slayer, and Champion completed. I went to see what was missing and now only have the Season Journey window with nothing in it. I have signed out of game ad tried again with same results. Not sure if related but no rewards for any chapter.

Happened to me too, just now. On a SSF DH, I could access the season journey tracker just fine while working on the first 4 chapters of the season journey. Once I finished the 1-4 season journey, the journey progress tracker went empty. Relogging, restarting the game, logging on other (non ssf/non-season) chars inbetween etc did not bring it back. This is a major road block bug. Hope it gets fixed.

ht tp s://imgur. com/a/uGioRic (remove empty spaces)

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