Profile Not Updating

Does anyone else have this issue? My profile still shows my last season characters and not this seasons. Also, on my in-game leader board it shows my progress, but on the upper right hand of the screen, my highest GR is blank.

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Nope, just you.


This isn’t unusual. I can’t remember how many times this happens at the start of a season.

If you are talking about in-game, no idea.

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Thanks DTMAce.

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I can’t even see my profile on the website anymore, are the issues perhaps related?

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Same here in EU. Web profiles have not been available for a few days now.

Please fix this.

I have some difficulties understanding how/why a multibillion $ company like ATVI is unable or unwilling to fix s/th like that in a matter of minutes.

I work in IT myself and I know systems or services can stop working.

But there are monitoring systems out there that can alert system operators of outages so problems can be worked upon.

If I have systems that fail I look into that in a matter of minutes. If it takes a while to fix a Problem I will also let users know that said system is unavailable for some time.

But communication is not one of ATVIs strengths…


Because you spend less money if you don’t pay people to be available 24/7? The less you spend the more you get to keep after all.

It’s a smart move from Blizzard to make us open the game if we wanna see our heroes.

Not sure why some of you are surprised. This happens nearly every single season. It first is behind, in that it doesn’t show the correct status (characters in the current season but those that were in last season) then its broken and non-functional for a bit, then it will work for the rest of the season.

This is nothing new. However it is a slow and non-informative process, in that no one from Blizzard says anything about it. It just slowly gets fixed during the first part of the season, then its fine after that.

So relax.


profiles are currently down. hopefully when they come back up they will be hungry and willing to update again.

thanks for the context; I’m coming back to D3 after not playing since 2012 release so this rhythm is new to me :grinning:

Profiles are available again.

Took them „only“ a few days.

Nevertheless: thank you!

Some more communications would REALLY be appreciated!

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Hey cool – thanks for checking. They are up and working! lol

Ok no more posers! :wink:

Profile Not Updating

My profile still shows the last season.

Looks to be working fine for me, it just takes a bit of extra time to update.

your profile is hidden silly. that’s why.

Force your browser to refresh. You are probably getting a cached version. Mine is currently working fine again. Like I said in my last post. This happens every season. lol

Its update to current season now, TYVM. :+1:

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That profiles gets buggy, yeah, but I don’t recall them going down entirely for an extended period as standard.

Oh, yes. That has happened a few times, along with the inability to partner with Friends. Especially in Asia Region.

Yes, Profile unavailability lasting days has happened before. I remember having reported that a few times myself on this exact forum months and even years ago.

For me, this looks like an issue with process management. D3 team develops and releases a new patch, but the team that manages the web pages seems to get the details for adjusting the web profiles too late, which leads to them being unavailable for some time. Or, the details are delivered in time but the web team cannot Update their parts in time for whatever reason.