Primals Question

Has anyone gotten any Primals in 2.7.2?

Asking for a friend :slight_smile:

Your “friend” have a bad RNG

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RNG is a lie

It’s a code gremlin and he’s not liking me too much right now

Check the leaderboards. You’ll see plenty. For some PTR is about playing reforge simulator.
You do know that the point of PTR isn’t to assemble a fully primal armory? It’s more about testing what’s in the patch notes? (Pretty sure “I haven’t had a primal yet” doesn’t count as regression testing.)

How to test power against Live without similar level equipment?

I just think everything from Djank should just be Primal to always be testing at the very top end.

I just remembered

Primals don’t drop until you reach lvl 70 GR

Sometimes my dementia kicks in like that

The mind is a terrible thing

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I’m way pass GR70, and after hundreds of times using Kulle law I never got a primal there, and most of the Ancients I get are trash.