Primal Rift Experience

After playing about 100 Greater Rifts, I notice that as soon as this one opened up, it was a ghostly black instead of the typical purple portal. I get inside and low and behold, it is ALL ELITES! No trash at all. The mechanics perform as if in a Nephalem rift where the legendaries and death breaths drop with each pack. The counter again instead of being purple, is red like a vial of blood and counts to 200 packs with a time limit of 10 minutes. Total primal ancient drops were about 5%. I noticed you can only achieve this rift if playing above GR 74. Only a small light is focused around my character like a street light. Upon completion on the counter, three Ubers pop up as the guardians. Once I defeat them finally, diablo pops up as a ghost and allows me to use only one ancient item and augments it to a primal. The experience was 100% more than I would get in a normal rift or GR. Pretty intense. And that my friends… is my idea for a new addition to Diablo 3. :slight_smile: sorry if you thought this was real. Maybe one day though.