Power affixes is a HORRIBLE IDEA

It’s 100% this way atm:
Each of the three Powers will have a list of affixes that are attuned to it

And this is too much unnecessary enforcement from my point of preference. This takes away the fun to grind for that perfectly rolled item.

And also, if they plan to add a lot of affixes their current system will really become tedious at some point. It might be okay for some that enjoy this with a very limited number of affixes, but if they go heavily on these better completely change it to random requirements (what many of us thought at first read of the blog).

Oh I agree. Just adding some leeway.

+x per x power would at least get rid of those red text dead stats :x

It wouldn’t be a modern blizzard game without convoluted systems.

But then why even have it at all? It’s just adding another random roll to extend the loot farm.

Imagine if Piercing attack on Buriza in D2 rolled randomly for Angelic, demonic, or ancestral.

Imagine if Enigma Teleport rolled for angelic, demonic, or ancestral.

List goes on.

Horrible. Just another random gate on top of what is already there.

Yep, these are annoying, but even if we craft something else on their place, the itemization still puts ranges on us.

It’s intersting for min/maxing and it serves for a good system if done right.

Can you name any game that doesn’t have balance issues? You honestly think this is going to work out over 100s of affixes on hundreds of items.

Yet alone be casual friendly. Their entire objective is to keep people off websites. This does the exact opposite. You’ll immediately be pulling up lists of 100s of affixes and finding what goes where.

If it rolls as demonic, angelic, or ancestral, its just another random roll that might make your item garbage. Even worse if it’s account bound.

That’s why we prefer random power requirement rolls.

That’s the beauty of it. You’ll have to play to find that optimal items you are after. Crafting will make this even more fun.

If power requirements are random and powers are not bound to particular effect the player would go through different stages of rare finds:
Rares with all 3 kind of powers -> Rares with 2 powers -> Godly rares with 1 power

That’s fun for me.

This will introduce too much rng and ultimately results in frustration. Imagine I have close to perfect gears and hunting for the 1-2 remaining gears. Suddenly a good item with desired affixes dropped but due to the addiotional unpredictability if power, I need to scrap some of the equipped items to use it due to insufficient powers…

Having limitations, restrictions, requirements and sacrifices is a core element on a good arpg.

Being able to swap anything on the fly without any cost or repercussions just gets boring so fast.

You won’t be able to swap everything from start, this would be so late game with their current number of item properties.

And you still have restrictions, but not in the range way.

The more I think about it the more I hate their current implementation. Gotta go get some sleep.

If I remember right, D3 already went through something similar with itemization and it failed spectacularly in the public arena. I believe it was IAS or trash bin early on. Bounced around from there depending on the balance patch.

People loved D2 uniques because a Shako was a Shako, even if it didn’t have perfect stats, it did what I wanted. Perfection was chased thereafter.

I agree, but items are different. Skill trees and such SHOULD be locked, with limited respec. Items shouldn’t have such things, especially if arbitrarily put into categories. Such as FIRE element locked behind Demonic, meaning ALL FIRE builds are now demonic based items.

Choice is, am I going to make a melee or ranged? A hybrid? What Class? What element am I going to use? Am I gonna use fire, lightning, cold, physical, bleeding, poison? What’s going to be my main source of damage, fireball? Inferno? Meteor? Hydra? Or Am I going to be a battle mage where I use Enchant + armor? Axe or sword or spear or dagger or dual wield… Crushing blow? As fast as I can possibly attack? List goes on. Then what Items are going to ENHANCE this.

well i agree, if its locked, you just miss a lot of opportunities and its random you just have a high chance of garbage rolls

Yea i think we wont get any of those decisions in D4. It wont be deep enough. We havent seen any evidence or indication of such questions being relevant.

A fireball Sorc will likely have Fireball on left mouse click, Hydra with 10 sec cd on button 1 meteor on button 2 with 16 sec cd etc etc. And they will all deal damage the same way.
There wont be any distinction between person A who goes “fireball” and person B who goes “fireball”. I do wish there was though. Like person A decides to go for a fireball dot build and person B decides for a 5 projectiles big aoe explosions on impact fireball build etc etc. I just dont think theese types of things will be possible.

But that is a HUGE problem. Now is the time to give this type of feedback! Don’t settle for some horrible arbitrary gear gate. Push what I listed. The Crazy thing is, what I listed right there, isn’t even that hard to do, and almost every player would go for it.

I actually like the concept. It fits the lore nicely. The humans of sanctuary are a mix of angel and demon and there can be a range of people who are more angelic or more demonic. It’s a really cool concept. I don’t even mind that this would tie into usable abilities.

What I don’t like is that they’re baking this into items. I think this is a nightmare waiting to happen. In their own example, they talk about a BiS item dropping, but the player can’t use it because they’ll screw up their build by losing one of their angel or demon points when they replace the old item. That’s a really bad idea and I don’t support it at all. That might be ok while leveling, but once you’ve carefully crafted your build and you’re min/maxing, this is the kind of thing that just adds complexity and RNG for the sake of making it complex. That’s a bad thing.

Instead, what I’d prefer they do is re-envision the mechanic as an inherent character trait that you can change in some semi-permanent way. This way, it still forces interesting choices in skills, build, and items, but doesn’t punish the player when an upgrade drops. There are many really creative things they can do with this core concept, so I’ll leave the devs to their brainstorming, but please, don’t lock this up in the itemization which is so heavily dependent on RNG.

Is that even the case though? A lot in this thread, OP included, seem to think so. I went back to read the blog and I do not get that impression… and hopefully it is not the case. For instance, the examples show fire resistance with demonic power and cold resistance with angelic power. I highly doubt they would make it so that stacking one power eliminates the potential for obtaining a certain resistance.

Making the 3 powers base stats could help. So there’s inherent player control there. So it’s split between character choice and item choice.

The point is, we don’t fully know, but that is the implication. along with this line: “Each of the three powers will have a list of affixes that are attuned to it”.

Doesn’t bode well.

i think, by binding certain affixes and +skill levels to powers they are again somehow prebuilding builds for us
maybe not forcing them but still making them BiS, due to the synergy of stacking 1 single power
like: yea the critical build will always be best with fire damage

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