PoJ Tempest Rush

Anyone have a good build for this?


I don’t think they suggest using two pieces of Monkey King, but I prefer it as it lets me have added protection/tankiness when I use Sweeping Wind, which, I personally find more appealing to have always on thanks to a Cubed Kyoshiro’s Belt.

It may not be the absolute best build but I’ve cleared 130 with it and it is pretty quick. I just don’t like all the manual activations and, with my deteriorating vision, I can’t see the icons to tell if X is on or not… so I have to “cheat” and rely on lazy auras.

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I’d recomend using Vengeful Wind instead of Echoing Furry for speeds, it makes for the one of the fastest moving builds in the game. Also if you find yourself to squishy , use Lefebvre’s soliloquy in the cube instead of Mantle of Channeling.