Plz remove MALTORIUS’ double Essence consumption

Dear Devs,my proposal is:
MALTORIUS’ PETRIFIED SPIKE :Bone Spear deals 550%~700% increased damage.(Remove its double Essence comsumption)
My Note:The Requiem Cereplate can only be used with two Builds: 1. LoD Skeletal Mage. 2. Masquerade Bone Spear. At present, the LoD Skeletal Mage is no longer useful. Due to the bug in the Requiem Cereplate had being fixed, the Essence recovery of the Masquerade Bone Spear has been greatly affected. Previously, Masquerade Bone Spears often equip Requiem Cereplate in Kanai and generated corpses through Molting Rune of Blood Rush Skill to replenish the Essence. So, as compensation, I propose to remove MALTORIUS’ PETRIFIED SPIKE double Essence consumption.