PLEASE, tell me I can change language

I just bought the Prime Evil Collection, and I opened the Diablo 3 game… and to my dismay, it is in spanish! I am in Mexico, my language is spanish, but since 2001, I have been playing in english. I feel this dread, cause the name of the game is Diablo 3 (español). It’s the game available in my country’s playstation store, so it’s the one I bought. I cannot get used to the translation, and this is EXTREMELY off putting. I see no options to change the language in-game. And yes, call me ridiculous, but I have my PS4 set to use english, so I would have thought that would override the spanish language. I am horrified by this, and I am holding on to the hope someone can help me to change the language to english, otherwise, this will NOT be enjoyable. Please, please, help :frowning:

You can try to change the store to another country, for example USA. Maybe the product you bought (Diablo game) will be available for download. It worked for me on XBox, I haven’t tried on PS4 as I ended up buying a physical copy from Germany. A video that show how to do it on PS4

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Do you have both the system and all input options set to English?

helio, thanks for the suggestion! But I’m not seeing the option to change my store language in my PS4 :open_mouth: It’s ok, I am sucking it up and playing in spanish :confused:

DeadlyMouse, yes, everything is in english. I even went and deleted the… language pack or whatever you call it, from the options, so nothing is in spanish, yet the game remains in that language.

I don’t know if to laugh or cry lol

I will check on my PS4. Maybe option it is not available on your country.

they’ve not included the option to change language before, i doubt they’ve done it yet… blizz has consistently shown, they really have zero regard for console players.

I’ve just checked on PS4. Option is available for me on Storefront country. I chose France. I can see that some games I own are available for download (Devil may cry for example). Surprisingly Diablo is locked and advice is to change storefront to proceed. It looks like Microsoft (XBox), where I could change my storefront and download from UK, and Sony has different agreements with Blizzard.